Happy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday everyone!
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 Well, this is my workdesk as I left it in the wee small hours of this morning ...

Just look at all that DST!!! Whatever did we do before they invented DST?!

Anyway ... you know that thing where someone asks you to make something for them, because they know you do crafty stuff? You have reservations about taking it on, but you're pleased to be asked and they say there's no hurry and you find yourself saying, "yes, of course, I'd love to!" ... and then months later you still haven't even made a start and it's become this HUGE thing hanging over your head and you still don't know where to begin ...? Or is it just me???

This was one of those situations - my new sister-in-law had asked me to sort out the photos from her daughter's wedding and put them into an album which she'd already bought ... trouble is; there were far too many photos to fit into the album, I wasn't at the wedding and I don't recognise most of the people in the pictures. Then there's all the angsting over colour and style - an album like this is a very personal thing isn't it?

So, I'd just kept putting it off and finally last week decided it really had to be tackled.

Firstly, my husband (who WAS at the wedding and DOES know everyone of course) helped me to cull the photos and put them in order and then I just waded in and started cutting and sticking (which is what I love to do best after all!). I kept it quite simple - the same three layouts repeated throughout the book with a few slightly fancier feature pages. Like this one

The colour scheme was another difficult decision, but in the end I went with soft blues, greens and kraft against the ivory background paper - picking up on the colours of the bridal party outfits and the beautiful Finnish landscape. I've left plenty of spaces for Karen to write in details about the day herself, including a few tags in case she wants to do any hidden journaling.

Now I'm really worried in case she doesn't like it and I've ruined her photos OMG!!! Still, it's done PHEW!

Ok enough waffle - I have a lovely cup of coffee ready, so I'm off for a snout around some other people's workdesks now, see what everyone else has been up to - try it for yourself if you haven't already. Warning - it's addictive! Click here

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Thanks for popping in, see you again soon :o)xxx


Winnie said…
I am chuckling as I did many a project just like you mentioned when I said sure and then worried. It always has turned out just fine. The book will be a keepsake for sure and the color combo is so nice (and soft and doesn't detract from the pics!). I have a TON of that tape, it rocks!
Anne said…
Absolutely love your scrapbook page and yes I know what you mean about a joy turning into pressure! Loving that spice post too! What fun and what a great Croc!!!! Enjoy!
Annie Claxton said…
Thanks ladies - I was hoping someone else out there would relate to my predicament - it's so nice to be asked to do something special like that, but then you drive yourself nuts angsting over it!
Just looked at my picture again and spotted the incriminating evidence - a wine glass in the RH corner (now empty!) :o)x
Julie Lee said…
Must say something like this has never happened to me, but it sounds like a bit of a night-mare. Looks like you coped brilliantly. I love the picture with the girls looking out of the window and the butterflies. I bet she loves it and won't think you ruined her pictures at all!!! xx Julie Ann #67
Rossella said…
She will absolutely love it, it's gorgeous.
Rosie x
Spyder said…
Oh arrrr I've fin-ally gotten around t'ye me hearty! Bin swobbin' the decks all day long and me wooden leg is soaked through to the core, and such a fine table yer me showin'! wiv books and stuff, The sun's goin' down over the yard arm, so I'll be on me way, thanky for me snoop, but there be no treasure for me to plunder!!ohh-arh! Happy WOYWW and bottle of rum
Nan G said…
Yes I know the feeling well. :) Even tho I don't scrapbook I get suckered into making card sets for peeps. To take the pressure of myself I'm not doing special requests anymore. Your book turned out lovely and she will adore it! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3
ria gall said…
I think you were very brave to take on the challenge I am sure you have done an amazing job and they are sure to love it. We all worry and doubt ourselves
have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Ria #47
Anonymous said…
Yeah, doing something so personal for another person is always fraught with difficulties. The LO's are lovely (I really like CAS),hopefully she likes it too. That's a heck of a lot of dst! You should invest in an ATG or something!

Brenda 112
The sample page you posted is simply beautiful. I believe making it simple is the best way, because that will allow your "niece' to add more pictures, journaling or mementos if she wants to. I've had these kind of projects placed upon me in the past too, so I know what you mean about the pressure.
Julia Dunnit said…
Yes yes and yes..the big thing that hangs over you..check check and check! And then, amazingly, once you get teh kick start, it turns out easier to do someone else's stuff becuase you aren't quite so emotionally attached to them, you can just make a great job..andyou have. Your SiL will love it.