Yummy Key Lime Pie

Last week I made Key LIme Pie from a recipe on food.com and it was so yummy that John had to take  the leftovers in to work to stop us from eating the whole lot!
The recipe calls for key limes of course, which you can't get here in the UK, so I used normal limes. Also Graham Crackers, which I had to look up to find out what they were, and the nearest we have here are Digestive Biscuits, so I used the reduced fat ones. I also substituted reduced fat condensed milk and it all seemed to work fine.

This pie was SO easy to make bit tasted so luxurious - here it is just out of the oven, smelling deLISHously temptacious!
The hardest part was getting it out of the tin in one piece, but here it is (with the important taster piece cut out - well you wouldnt want to offer it to friends without checking it first would you?!

And here is a mouthwatering close-up - well my mouth is watering anyway!

Try it for yourself - here's the link to the recipe again
Enjoy! :o)xxx


Treenie said…
Oh wow, that looks fab!