The Big Day!!!

Yesterday was the Big Day - the "Grand Opening" of my new workroom which I've been SO looking forward to. I spent a happy few hours making cakes ...

I've never made Strawberry Shortcake before so I was well chuffed with this one ... I also made Lemon Drizzle and Chocolate Fudge Tray Bakes and of course tested them all thoroughly - well, I did use half fat cream ... and our own home-grown strawberries :o)

Then I got some little surprises ready for my girlies, all about storage and ribbons of course!

Bottom left of the picture you can see the little tickets I stamped and cut out ready for everyone to write their names on for the Prize Draw; to the right of them is my favourite pair of scissors spruced up for the occasion; above that a gift-wrapped Second Prize of a stack of mini pots of buttons and beads; at the top right is the First Prize - a Boxful of Bits n Bobs; on the left is a basket of tiny token goodies as consolation prizes - here's a close-up ...

On the left are little bundles of spool cards held together with book rings, for holding thread, fibres and twine. On the right are wooden spools with lengths of ribbon held in place with pretty pins.

Meanwhile DH John was also busy, dusting off the extra garden furniture, chilling the wine and limbering up his grippy hands for ribbon-cutting duty ....

Bless him, he took great care to cut the rainbow of ribbons close to one end, so as not to waste any - definitely a scrapper's husband! When he gives me a card these days, he points out the bits I can pull off and use for something else - my kind of man :o)

Anyway, I digress!

Here are Kate, Trina, Sally and Rosie waiting to get into my new workroom - some of them can remember when my scrapping stash could still fit into a couple of boxes!

We started gathering around my dining room table in 2007 ... since then, they've become some of my best friends - we've talked and laughed and cried and eaten cake and even done a bit of scrapping here and there! We've outgrown the dining table and I've definitely outgrown those boxes!

Here they are rummaging through my new drawers - I had to frisk them on the way out of course!

 The Incredible Two-Headed Woman!!! Whose name is Karosie ... or Rokate ... :o)

So then it was time for cake .... and wine! Luckily it was a balmy barmy evening ...

 Here's Kate looking very pleased with her Second Prize ... and me looking like I'm holding an invisible one ...

And Julie also looking very pleased with the First Prize ... but I look like I don't really want to let go of it! :o)

It was such a fun evening, thanks to everyone who came to share it with me - and to those who couldn't make it, I'll see you at the next KHC!

Yesterday was also the last day of my Grand Opening Giveaway ... but that's another story ... :o)xxx

ps - if anyone would like a better look at my Shiny New Workroom, please check out the original  Big Reveal post


Unknown said…
Looks like you had a fabulous time....but I want to see your new room too!!! Photos please :) x
Annie Claxton said…
hehehehe thanks Ali, we did :o) I thought I had probably done quite enough showing off of my new workroom, but for anyone who would like to see the pictures, I'm very happy to do a bit more!
I'll add a link to the bottom of this post to take you to the Big Reveal which I posted just after the May Bank Holiday - thanks for asking :o)xxx
Sandy said…
Big smile on my face Sugar - how luck you are to have such a delightful group to craft with. Oh boy would I have loved to had some of your strawberry shortcake and I am always up for a glass of wine!!
Annie Claxton said…
Hi Sandy - wish you could have been there, I think we'd get along very well :o)
You're right, I'm very lucky to have these friends - and a very patient husband too! (I woo him with cake!)
Maria Ontiveros said…