Beautiful Benidorm!

This month over at CSI the theme is travel, so lots of opportunities to scrap some holiday photos - even some which may have been hanging around in a box for years!

Each week, the wonderful Debbi Tehrani finds a new Scene for us to investigate and from this image she pulls the colours for the Scheme and lots of inspiration for design elements and journaling. Here is Case File #83 (click on the image to enlarge so you can read the clues)

To solve the case, you have to make a page which uses -

  • all the colours in the Scheme
  • at least two pieces of Evidence
  • at least one piece of testimony

I decided to scrap a picture of my boys on holiday in Benidorm with their Dad back in the early 90's. Some of the bits and bobs on the page are real souvenirs (the menu, luggage tags, cards) and luckily happened to be in all the right colours! One of the many reasons I love scrapping is that it's a great way to keep all the stuff you collect, as well as the photos, and it really helps to tell the story.

Here's how I solved the Case -

The Scheme: all five colours are included, plus touches of black (which is allowed!)
The Evidence: (I included every item on the list!) stripes; labels; tags; travel accents; jewels; stamps; circles; punches; grid pattern; ledger pattern.
The Testimony: the details of their journey are documented over a series of labels and tags. There is also space for a personal letter inside the little envelope.

Here are some details under the magnifying glass, so you can check that I have followed all the clues properly!

Thanks for looking at my page - make sure you check out the gallery over at CSI to see how everyone else has solved this case.


Unknown said…
Totally one of of my absolute faves of the gallery Annie, loved seeing all the details up close♥
Val-Belle said…
You are my scrapping idol. I would love to be able to create yor layout. You put lots onto your page without crowding it. Manage to create a sense of fun with your doodling and I just love your style....