Game Boys!

Case File #90 over at CSI is all cool, retro, nerdy - perfect for a picture of my son Tom and his mate Rowan doing what they did best 15 years ago - playing computer games with the curtains drawn to shut out the daylight :o)

Here's that Case File (click on the image to enlarge it)

Got to be quick today, but just briefly in case you haven't come across CSI before, the idea is to solve the case by creating a scrapbook page using all 5 colours in the scheme, at least two items from the evidence list and one from the testimony list.

Here's how I did it (again you can click on the image to enlarge it) ...

I used a brilliant sketch by Ali Parriss for Scrap365 - it was in the PDQ gallery and it really was PDQ - this page was done and dusted in well under an hour.

So did I follow all the clues?

  • The Scheme: all the colours are there
  • The Evidence: stripes; tie something swhite space; two different alphabets; polka dots; something transparent; something that once was trendy but not any more.
  • The Testimony: on the back of the page I wrote about the friendship between Tom and Rowan, which started in college and lasted through thick and thin - these days, Rowan is a DJ, happily married with a couple of wonderful kids of his own and Tom is living in London working as a Web Developer - their lives are very different but they are still great friends.
Before I go - did you know that there is a DT call at CSI?

You still have time - go for it!

Thanks for popping by, see you again soon :o)xxx