Home Again, Home Again, Clippity-CLOG!

It's hard to believe that we were away for less than a week (two days in Bruges, three in Amsterdam) because we squeezed so much into the time that it just kind of streeeeeeeeetched .... so much to see and do - and eat and drink!

Here is a tasteful little gift I treated myself to, some lovely squishily-soft cuddly clogs ...

... and the reason why one of them is empty in this picture ...

... oh dear! What a berk - on the last evening I managed to twist my ankle, which is now swelling nicely and developing a beautiful blue blush. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this was not due to any kind of drunken antics, but to a combination of cobbled streets, high heels and the fact that I was already walking in a slightly peculiar fashion due to my dodgy back - I'm now shuffling about like Quasimodo's slightly younger and less attractive sister ... tsk

Still, it was well worth it - we had such a wonderful few days and I have LOADS of photos and stuff to Smash and Scrap (what violent-sounding words for such a gentle hobby).

NB special mention to the expertly-applied and very fetching elastic bandage, thanks to My Hero, who went off before breakfast to find a chemist in Amsterdam and then put his ex-First-Aider hat on so that I would be more comfortable for the flight home.

I've also just noticed for the first time that my socks have "R" and "L" on them (?!) and that this is my left foot - oh dear oh dear.

Never mind :o)