Tag like an Egyptian!

This week at Tag Tuesday the theme was Egypt - such a HUGE scope that I couldn't decide which idea to go with, but in the end I chose to play with hieroglyphics ...

After consulting with Professor Google, I had a go at some real hieroglyphs and developed a real respect for those scribes in Ancient Egypt! All I can say is thank goodness I didn't have to carve them in stone. Hopefully I haven't written "I'm a steaming cowpat" ...

Vulture - mouth - loaf - two reeds  ... ARTY
Horned viper - vulture - mouth - two reeds ... FARTY
Vulture - water - two reeds ... ANNIE
Loaf - vulture - pedestal ... TAG

Then I added a few of my own - can you spot the tools of a tagger's trade?

The eye was drawn freehand with PVA glue, then once it had dried to the tacky stage I covered it with gold leaf flakes. After brushing off the excess and giving the whole thing a good burnishing I was quite chuffed with the result.

I finished the tag with a simple piece of string, but I wish I'd thought of using torn strips of muslin like one of the other Tuesday Taggers, because that looked really cool .... check out all the other fabulous takes on this theme over at Tag Tuesday :o)xxx