Meeting Humpty!

Extra excitement over at CSI this week, because it's the second time we've joined up with Scrap365 with a special Case File designed by the wonderful Debbi Tehrani ...

Here it is (click on the image to enlarge it so you can see the details)

As always, Debbi has found a beautiful image for us to investigate and from this she has drawn inspiration for the colour scheme, design elements and journaling.

I love this palette, with the rich red against the soft neutrals, and it just happened to fit very nicely with the Graphic45 Mother Goose paper pad which I treated myself to at the Ally Pally Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show last week!

The inspiration words - "read, together, magic" - got me thinking about how much I used to enjoy reading bedtime stories to my boys when they were little. We always used to have stories and songs before they went to sleep - sometimes from a book and sometimes made up as we went along. The strange thing is that there was never a moment when we said, "ok, this is the last time we will have bedtime stories together" - I guess we just gradually got out of the habit, which seems sad but that's the way it goes and I suppose it would be a bit weird if I was still reading them a story and tucking them into bed thirty years later!
And it would be really weird if they still wanted to play the Humpty Dumpty game  :o)

So, here's my take on this challenge (click on the image to see the details and check that I followed all the clues)

Scheme: all the colours are there, plus a pale eggshell background and some pops of black
Evidence: tearing; spiral; chalk; stencil; stitching.
Testimony: I documented something about books/reading, began with "Once upon a time ..." and used the IW "read, together, magic" as a jumping-off point for my journaling, which is written around the page and reads as follows:

" Once upon a time there were two little boys called Richard and Tom who loved to listen to bedtime stories and songs, and the humpty dumpty game would always make them giggle. Why can't I remember the last bedtime story?" 

I enjoyed creating the wall with texture paste applied through a stencil then coloured with chalk. I stitched a spiral to indicate poor Humpty's fall. The cracks were drawn in freehand and shaded with markers and then my DH had the genius idea of adding little pieces of "eggshell" - perfect!

Thanks for looking at my page, and don't forget to check out the Gorgeous Gallery over at CSI and the feature in Scrap365 magazine to see how everyone else has solved this extra-special Case File :o)


Em Stafrace said…
So many fabulous details Annie, the journaling is great love how you used it to form the border. Amazingness! xo
Maria Ontiveros said…
Emma hit the nail right on the head! What a fantastic layout.