WOYWW 226!

Hi everyone,

I've missed weeks and weeks of WOYWW because this summer has just been crazy - what with holidays and parties, being laid low with back pain for a time and trying to fit in every single inspiring challenge I come across - I need elaaaaaaaastic days!

For those who don't know what on earth WOYWW means - it's "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday", when you get to share your creative space with the world and have a snout around to see what other people have/get up to! It's the brainchild of Julia over at Stamping Ground - check it out and join in the fun, but be warned; it's addictive!

Here is the current scene of devastation on my workdesk this morning ...

I'm really enjoying experimenting with mixed media at the moment. The art journal page you can see there is the result of playing with the September FrogDog Mixed Media Kit - a little present to myself every month all the way from America, very exciting!
You can also see a mug of black coffee dangerously near to the painty water pot (it's SO going to happen ... it's happened before ... I should know better!) AND a bag of Special K crispy things which are really low fat - you can have 21 of them for only 95 calories wooHOO! Unfortunately, if you eat the whole bag, as I did, it rather defeats the object...

Anyway, swiftly moving on, here's a better pic of my art journal pages - the kit was all bright bright neon - scary but SO much fun once I got going ...

Right, now I'm off to have a nosey around everyone else's desks and then I really must Tidy My Room!

Thanks for popping over, come again soon :o)xxx

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Ali said…
Ah yes... the Tidying of the Craft Room. That mythical thing that is always going to happen yet somehow never does... ;)

Love your brightly coloured journal pages. So much fabulous detail!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my WOYWW post. Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one crafting in utter chaos... though I do think my mess is beating yours right now! :D

Ali #72
Unknown said…
Oops--thought I posted a comment and something strange happened. So I'll try again. I love your art journal pages so much...would love to follow you but didn't see the "join" thing so I am following you on Pinterest at least! Thanks so much for visiting me and my dollhouse madness and mess! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #3
sandysewin said…
The colors in your journal page are so cheerful, love it!

And, yes, you really should move that coffee mug. I haven't yet drunk my paint water, but it could happen. :-)

Happy Woyww!

Sandy #1
Julia Dunnit said…
Elastic days...oh yes please Annie! just as soon as you've got the recipe, please share! I love the devastation...so not what I would call it, but it's really attractive, whatever the name, and your journal page is gorgeous.
Anne said…
great desk. Love the colour in your art journal pages. Happy WOYWW Anne x #61
Lea.H said…
oh wow i love your art journal, i wish mine looked even a tiny bit like this! Lx
Ooh! If you figure out how to make elastic days, do let me know! Although I have one small request.... don't stretch out those work days just the fun days! You certainly made good work out of the neon you had to play with. Loved the saying you chose to go with it. Try not to drink the painty water or dip the brush into your coffee.... or do just to be crazy.
Love the journaling. I thought once I gave up work I'd have long days to fill...not so! Please invent the elastic day!! Hugs. Pam#41
Sandy said…
Your desk looks like you are pretty busy and your art journal is wonderful!