Hey Handsome ... look at you!

For this week's Case File over at CSI I've scrapped a picture of my paternal Grandfather - a very handsome chap and a complete mystery to me.

I can't believe we're on Case File #100!!! It's quite an unusual colour combination which I thought would be perfect for this wonderful vintage black and white photograph.

Here is the Case File (click on the image to enlarge it so you can read the clues)

CSI Mastermind Debbi Tehrani has come up with a very stylish and elegant Scene for us to investigate. From this image, she takes inspiration for design elements, techniques, journaling prompts and colour scheme.
To solve the case, you have to create a scrapbook page following all of these clues:
  • All 5 colours in the Scheme
  • At least 2 pieces of Evidence
  • At least 1 piece of Testimony
Here is my solution (click on the image to enlarge it so you can check that I followed all the clues)

I used a brilliant sketch by Emy Buxton for the Scrap365 Dec/Jan 2013 issue - I love the way it uses the frames as a design element. I kept the page relatively plain and simple with very few embellishments, because I wanted the picture and the words to speak for themselves.

The plain white frame on the LH side was given a more vintage feel by stamping a script pattern with Jet Black Archival Ink by Ranger, then colouring with Distress Ink in Scattered Straw. Then I did the edges of the page to match, finishing with a line of hand stitching with a yellow embroidery silk.

Very little patterned paper was used - it was just scraps and snippets, a piece of border from a free gift on a magazine, washi tape and the frames which were left over from Quirky Kits.

So, did I follow all the clues???
  • The Scheme: all the colours are there
  • The Evidence: stripes; frames; borders
  • The Testimony: oh NO!!! this is really bad - I got so carried away with telling my story that I completely forgot about the journaling prompts in the Case File! I guess you could argue that the journaling spot next to the photo has a doodled border around it, which would just about fulfill the brief - PHEW!!
The Story ... 

My paternal Grandfather abandoned his young family when my Dad was only about four years old. He dipped in and out of their lives occasionally for a few years, then disappeared altogether. They had no idea why or where he went and life was very difficult for my Grandmother left alone with two young children.
Granny eventually went on to find a new love and enjoyed many happy years with her second husband. My Grandfather was not heard of again until my Dad was a Grandfather himself. It turned out he had made a new life in Australia and many years later, when he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, he decided to make contact with his children. Sadly, by the time my Dad got to Australia, his father had begun to lose his mind, so many questions had to remained unasked and many things unsaid...
To me, my Grandfather looks like a troubled young man in this photo - I can't help wondering what he was thinking when it was taken.

I've printed out my journaling and cut it into strips - I wanted to use a typewriter font so it would look like an old-fashioned telegram, but although I found the perfect font online, I couldn't work out how to use it - very frustrating.

Oh dear! A rather serious and sombre post today - but I have a much more cheerful one ready for the big CSI/Scrap365 reveal on Sunday!

:o) thanks for looking and see you again soon xxx


Maria Ontiveros said…
Gorgeous layout!
And I really liked your black and white tag, too.