When You Grow Up ...

... What Will You Be?

Case File #99 over at CSI this week is an unusual combination of bright yet gentle colours which reminds me of late summer as it begins to transform into early autumn - picture green leaves just beginning to turn colour, set against a cool blue sky - aaaah, the changing seasons always have me waxing lyrical!

Anyway ... here's the Case File (click on the image to enlarge it so you can read the Clues)

Every week, CSI Mastermind Debbi Tehrani uncovers a new Scene for us to investigate. From this inspiration image, she takes five colours, ideas for design elements/techniques and prompts for journalling. CSI = Color, Stories, Inspiration.

To solve the Case, you need to create a scrapbook page using all the clues:

  • All five colours in the Scheme
  • At least 2 pieces of Evidence
  • At least one item of Testimony

Here's how I did it ( you can click on the image to enlarge it and check that I followed all the clues) ...

As soon as I saw the butterflies in the Evidence list, I knew this was going to be a page about my lovely niece, Georgia, who has always loved butterflies (and even has a butterfly tattoo!)
In this picture taken many years ago, probably around the time her little brother Joe came along, she is nursing her baby doll and wearing a rather pensive expression which makes me wonder what she was thinking about.

So, did I follow all the clues?

  • Scheme: the colours are all there
  • Evidence: butterflies (of course); floral and striped patterns; six of something (butterflies, including Georgia herself).
  • Testimony: this was going to be written in the series of little green frames, but there just wasn't enough room and I like the look of them as they were, so I've written it on the back of the page ...

"Georgia, you were such a sweet little girl - affectionate, fun, full of smiles, always ready to dance and sing, happy to share and naturally taking care of anyone small or vulnerable.
You have grown into a beautiful woman, both inside and out, you have created a wonderful little family of your own, you have an incredible singing voice, you're caring, sharing and fun to be around - you can do anything you want to do and I am very proud of you. Love Auntie Annie :o) xxx "

Thanks for visiting my blog - check out all the wonderful pages in the gallery at CSI for inspiration and why not have a go at solving this Case File yourself?

See you again soon :o) xxx


Maria Ontiveros said…
What a great thing to capture!