WOYWW 235?!

Hi everyone,

Well it's been absolutely AGES since I last joined in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday over at Julia's blog Stamping Ground and I can't believe it's the 235th!

Today is the day we get to show the world our workspaces and what we're making AND have a good snout around other people's workdesks, admire their creations and check out their stuff - it's fascinating and it's addictive!

So, what's on my workdesk today? Body parts!

hehehehe! Not real body parts, obviously, that would be TOO weird .... but whilst I was looking for a box for my sister's birthday present, I came across this one, containing the beginnings of a cloth doll I started about 7 years ago and had completely forgotten about - I really must have another crack at it ...

Underneath the box was my messy desk at 7.30 this morning, where I was just quickly going to finish my tags for Tag Tuesday (only one day late, not 7 years!)

The theme for this week is "Angels" - you can see here some sweet images from Graphics Fairy and LunaGirl which I've been titivating with some gorgeous shimmery goodies which came in my November FrogDog kit - watercolours, Sakura pens and Distress Glitter.

The box was perfect for my sister's tag book ...

... it has pictures of her grandchildren and lots of space for her to add more. Hope she likes it :o)

Ok, that's me done - I'm off to have a nosey at someone else's workdesk now. Thanks for popping in xxx


jill said…
Annie i was a bit worried when i saw the body parts LOL. might be a project for next year to get it finished. The tag book looks lovely & i'm sure your sister will enjoy putting photo's in there. Jill #40
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Wow, that tag book looks amazing..I'm sure your sister will adore it! I like the vintage pic of the ballerina on your desk too, so evocative....isn't it funny how some images just capture your imagination?
Body parts....hmmmmm...you had me worried there! It would be good to see how they come together, so to speak!
Hugs, LLJ 36 xx
Shoshi said…
The body parts are distinctly Picasso-esque, Annie! They are an art work in themselves! However, I am sure they will come together in their proper order in due course, and do you credit!!

I love the tag book and would love to see more of that. Tags are not something I've got into big time but I am always astonished at the fabulosity of the tags I see online... One day, one day!

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and I'm so glad you like the moth card. Hope you enjoy the video! Thank you for your kind thoughts about Dad, too - very much appreciated. It is a hard time for us all, and very sad to see him so diminished after such a full life during which he gave so much to others without expecting any reward. I am full to the brim of happy memories of my lovely Dad!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #71
Krisha said…
Hi Annie,
What a wonderful tag book you made for your sis. I've gotten into the tags this Christmas and love doing them.
The body parts look amazing, maybe you can share when your finished.
Krisha #41 thanks for the earlier visit.
Ha! OMG, Annie, I nearly died laughing when I saw the body parts on your desk! Too funny! But, I'm happy to hear the story behind them and it's never too late to finish up what you started. Hugs xo Super Stamp Girl #76
Winnie said…
I am chuckling over the body parts in a box! My hubby reached into my tool box and pulled out my little "naked armless doll by Tim Holtz" and he freaked and tossed it back in the box disturbed. I made a snowglobe to surprise him (he will freak..). I love how your tag book is coming along and love the colors. The ballerina picture is adorable. Thanks for the visit today. Winnie#70
Anonymous said…
oh those body parts would have given me a fright if I'd found them in a box, lol! Love the tag book and a very creative desk too.

Brenda 5
Lorraine said…
love the tag book
April said…
Your first picture is very eye catching! I hope you finish her soon. I assume it is a her. LOL The book looks lovely - what a wonderful gift. April #88
Unknown said…
That tag book looks amazing and I have to chuckle about the body parts--don't see that too often on a worktable! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #7
Shoshi said…
Annie - thank you for visiting more of my blog and having a good look round my new ARTHaven! I'm so glad you like it. I am pleased how things are beginning to fit in, but there's still a lot of sorting and tidying to be done on the further side of the room, and it's all going to take time, especially as so much of my energy is taken up with elderly parents at the moment.

I'm glad you enjoyed the video, too! I was very pleased with how it turned out in the end, despite the problems - the technique with the Angelina fibre works best with low detail, larger wooden printing blocks but I have had some success with rubber stamps in the past.

You are about the third person to say they'd be interested in seeing more of Dad's artefacts, so maybe I'd better do a blog post about them! I must take some photos of each one. I've got a lot of thoughts racing around in my head at the moment, tying in with an incredible book I've just read, which came at the most amazing time as it so sums up what I feel about the importance of inherited objects.

Lots to think about!


ike said…
Oh !! The body parts made me jum there for a moment :-D Great hands you made on that thing :-) I see no head but I guess it's there. Would love to see what that becomes :-D
Your tag book is just gorgeous - she will be delighted :-D

Thank you for letting me snoop :-)


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shazsilverwolf said…
Awesome tag book, love it! Love the paintbox- delicious colours. Running late this week, playing catch up now. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz#57 xx
Shoshi said…
Thank you for your comment, Annie - and what a simply marvellous idea for a linky! I'd very much like to take part in that.

Following on from our conversation, yesterday I photographed each of the items separately and started making a blog post about them, which should be uploaded in the next few days.

However, sad news has since intervened, adding even more meaning to this collection - Dad passed away last night just before midnight. I have just uploaded a post about it. I was so glad to be there at the end for him, and I am now so full of wonderful memories of what he means to me. Joining your linky will be an extra special memorial and a way to celebrate what a remarkable man he was, and to share this with others.