Show 'n' Tell Monday #2

Hi everyone!

It's time for another Show 'n'Tell - where I show you mine and you can show me yours - and you will never guess what I am going to show you this week ...

... this tatty little box was given to my mother a couple of months before I was born, which makes it about 53 years old. Would you like to know what is inside?  Any guesses???

Mum worked as a nurse for a French dentist before she married and subsequently gave up her job when she became pregnant with me. As a parting gift, her employer made this baby-sized but perfectly-formed set of false teeth - aren't they fabulous?!

Here they are, back in their tatty old box, another one of my worthless-but-priceless treasures. The dentist gave Mum another gift (possibly more useful than the teeth) - an assortment of juicy French swear words ... but I won't going into those here :o)

Now it's your turn - just take a photo of any object in your home which is dear to you or has a story to tell and do a short blog post about it, then link up by clicking on the button below.

Thanks for visiting today, see you again soon :o)xxx


Unknown said…
Wow! I never even knew they existed!? They're really unusual! Lovely to find out something I didn't know about Gran :) xxX
Unknown said…
Wow! I never even knew they existed!? They're really unusual! Lovely to find out something I didn't know about Gran :) xxX
Treenie said…
Only you could have something this random lol 😁
Annie Claxton said…
hehehehe I know - bet there isn't another pair like that in existence! :o)
Just realised that I forgot to put the link tool at the bottom - just in case anyone wants to show me theirs???
I will add a widget right this minute!
Shoshi said…
I've never seen anything like that before, Annie! What a curiosity! No wonder it's such a treasure. Thank you for reminding me about your Show 'n Tell and I'm sorry I forgot your inaugural one after your kind invitation. For this one, I've linked to the resumption of work on the album about Dad's life, as requested. I have plenty more things that I could put here as future links! I think this is a lovely idea.

I used to belong to an informal group that had social meetings every now and then throughout the year, and for one, we were all invited to bring along an object that was special to us in some way, and speak about it. It was a good ice-breaker for new members, and absolutely fascinating! This is the same sort of thing. I think it's going to be great fun!

Annie Claxton said…
Hey thanks Shoshi for getting the ball rolling - I think this will be so much fun if it gets going and your post is a real inspiration, so thanks for joining in :o)
Unknown said…
Hi Annie just found your post and thought I would join in. Your post is fab! I was imagining the baby that might wear them ;-) I am glad you showed them to scale! Hugs Helen x
Unknown said…
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