Hi Everyone!

It's late in the day, but it's still just about Wednesday - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?!
If you have absolutely no idea what I'm on about, you need to check out Julia's Stamping Ground - have a little peek at other people's workdesks and show the world what's happening on yours ...

Here's my workdesk, as it looked at around 9 o'clock this morning ...

I was trying to pull out ingredients for several different projects at the same time - resulting in what looks like complete chaos ... and in fact IS complete chaos!

On the left is my Counterfeit Challenge Kit, then some bits I've gathered up to make a tag for Tag Tuesday, a whole pile of photos which I may or may not be scrapping ...

On the right you can see the dregs of my black coffee and some apple (the usual chocolate has been replaced by good intentions due to New Year's Resolutions, but I'm sure it will wear off) - and a few more toilet rolls (can you tell what it is yet?!)

And finally, sitting on my chair, a whole drawerful of tags which I have made over the last few months - another New Year's Resolution - Do Something With My Tags!

So, what are you up to this week? Why not pop over to Julia's - have a little potter around some more workdesks and link up to yours so we can all have a look ... SO much fun, you'll love it! :o)


Lunch Lady Jan said…
OOOH, I know, I know *jumps up and down* It's a pen holder, Miss! D0 I get a gold star now? ;-)
I'm impressed with the apple but bet there was hooch in the coffee...
And those tags. Bundle them up in 10s, put em in a cellophane bag and give em to your choice of charity. I'd buy!
Glad you made it by the skin of your teeth. You win the prize for messiest desk today, lol
Hugs, LLJ 41 xx
trisha too said…
Jan Jan Jan . . . hooch in the coffee at 9:00 in the morning? Is that the way they do it across the pond??

Oh hey, I think I can tell what you're doing with those tissue rolls!

Happy WOYWW to you!
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Diane said…
Oh yes I know the feeling of complete chaos in the craft room. I often wonder is people think it strange I always have glue or glitter all over me. But I always say out of chaos comes the best ideas.

Hugs diane
It is a good thing you cannot see my desk, Jan. That would beat everyone put together And my drink of choice at the moment is a Chai Latte with Lemongrass. I reckon you are going to flatten those toilet rolls to make envelopes for your tags before you send them all out. Yes? xx Maggie #24
Lisa-Jane said…
I love seeing desks in proper action and yours is! Chaos doesn't matter, enjoyment is where its at! What will you do with your tags? I always wonder that when I see these beautiful creations. #41