Hi Everyone!

What's On Your Workdesk this chilly Wednesday? If you would like to share it with the world (or just have a sneaky peek at everyone else's!) just pop over to Julia's place to check it out and join in.

Well, I'm just back from a few days in London, trying to catch up on various online stuff, and for some reason my Blogger Dashboard chose now to go all Polish (at least, I think it may have been Polish) and it took me ages to sort out, because of course I couldn't understand any of the instructions ... sigh

Got there in the end though, but then I took my photos for WOYWW and for some reason they won't appear on my pc as they usually do - have I broken the Cloud?! So this picture of loveliness had to be emailed to myself ... big sigh! Technology is great when it's all doing what it should do :o)

This rather sepia-toned pile of stuff is going to be a scrapbook page about my Anglo-Indian Great-Grandmother Eva ...

Here's the photograph, which I love, because Eva looks SO like my mother here. The baby is one of her five children, I think either my Grandpa or baby Annie, who sadly died of rheumatic fever when she was a little girl.

Well, I'm off to do some catch-up cutting and sticking now and hopefully technology will fix itself while I'm playing in my room ... or maybe the IT fairies will do a fly-by :o)

Happy WOYWW everyone, see you again soon! xxx


Carmen said…
I think Blogger is having a funny turn. I've lost the nav bar at the top for all blogger blogs. Quite annoying as i do use it a lot! Took me ages to find a way in to my dashboard.

Your sepia pile looks very interesting, she looks such a happy lady!

Carmen #75
Unknown said…
Good luck with your ancesters; I'm getting in the mood for that here.
Pat #88
LisaDV said…
Awesome heritage photo, that will be an amazing album. Good luck with your technical difficulties - so hate when electronics go buggy.
Happy WOYWW. LisaDV #87
Lizzy Hill said…
GORGEOUS pic....what a story & a 1/2 there! Keep meaning to join WOW...never quite get there...!!! And technology. A few choice words could be used when it's not playing FAIR!!!!

Beautiful photo. Hope we get to see the finished page. TFS from WOYWW #76.
What a nice way to honor Eva and the relationship that carried you "here."
Family tree research is another passion of mine, and I have loads of lovely family photos that I need to catalogue so that my children will know who their ancestors are. Your grandmother looks so lovely. Have a great time with your project. xx Maggie #2
Kelly said…
You've chosen some lovely pieces to compliment the vintage photo. I hope you'll show us the finished layout. Yep, technology is wonderful.. when it cooperates. I figure that is the world telling me to step away from the keyboard ;-) Creative Blessings ~Kelly #92
Carmen said…
Thanks for stopping by Annie :) Marmite pots - I can't throw them away so they get turned into pen holders, cactus pots etc :P Am addicted to the stuff!