Show 'n' Tell #6

Hi everyone,

I missed Show 'n' Tell last week - busy busy busy - but I have something special for you this week to make up for it!

This is Ham, my pride and joy when I was a little girl - a very little girl in fact, because when she came into my life we were about the same size ...

I know that some people may find her a little spooky-looking now, but to me she is still beautiful :o)

The first time ever I saw her face, she was hiding under my Mum's bed a couple of weeks before Christmas when I was about four or five years old. I can remember saying to Mum, in what I hoped was an innocently wistful tone, "Oh! I wish I could have a doll for Christmas - a doll as big as me with brown curly hair ... sigh ..." thinking I was being really subtle and Mum would never guess that I had been peeking.
Lo and behold, on Christmas morning all my dreams came true and this beautiful doll with brown curly hair and sleeping eyes was mine! My scheming backfired slightly, because my little sister got the one with the blonde hair who could speak to you when you pulled the magic string ... but in the end I think I got the best one :o)

Since then, poor Ham has been through a lot, as you can see - she has a slightly squinty eye, her hair needs a makeover and at some point she had an accident which damaged one of her legs. Luckily, we knew a very clever and kindly chap who we called Grandpa Charles - he carved her a beautiful pair of legs and she was good as new.

Years later, she was adopted by my own children, and I think this is when she got the name Ham - then she was passed on to my niece.

Until recently, I had no idea what had become of Ham, although I thought of her from time to time. Then just last week, my niece came across her in a shed and rescued her for me. I did say she could keep Ham for her own little girl to play with, but for some reason she declined ... I can't imagine why??!?! :o)

Welcome home, Ham! xxx