What's On Your Workdesk this lovely sunshiney Wednesday?

Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to have a gander at other people's workdesks all over the world - it's fascinating to check out what other people get up to and where they get up to it! They may be neat and organised or completely chaotic, but they are all creative and inspiring in different ways - you can join in the fun by clicking on the linky button and showing us YOUR creative space :o)

So, without further procrastination, here's mine this morning ...

... so not a lot going on yet - but I have great hopes for today!

On the left is a little pile of goodies from SJ Crafts which I really neeeeeed to play with (maybe they would work really well for this month's Counterfeit Kit Challenge - I really enjoyed that last month).

The strange-looking object in the pink-n-white box is a very trendy lightbulb which my son gave me - it's almost too beautiful to use and it has a screw-in fitting, so need to either find a spot for it or keep it as a funky paperweight!

In the centre of my desk, you'll see a 6x6 paper pad - I bought two of these by mistake, so one of them is going in the pile for KHC swapsies next weekend. Also a twin pack of baby wipes from my local supermarket for 99p - you can never be without baby wipes when you're messing about with inks and such can you?

Which brings me to the shelf above the desk, where I keep some of my growing collection of inks, mists and paints. I love playing with mixed media, but I have such a lot to learn so (EXCITING) I have just this morning signed up for Pop and Colour #1 and #2 - these look amazing, a whole series of video tutorials by some of my mixed media heroines ... I couldn't resist!

So, that's what I'll be doing today ... what about you? Thanks for popping in, see you again soon :o)


Lunch Lady Jan said…
Lightbulb?? Wait, what?? Is it a proper one or jone of those crafty things where you fill the inside with glitter or suchlike? I need to see a close up, cos I'm intrigued...ie, nosey :-)
I do admire you for signing up for these challenges..I guess they're a great way to have to think of ideas. Have fun!
Hugs, LLJ. 33 xx
Your desk look very organized and efficient compared to the way mine looks today. That bulb that your son gave you looks very intriguing indeed. Blessings!
Sarah said…
Lovely to see where you get creative Annie!! Is that a mug tree at the back with rolls of tape and the like on it?? Fab idea if it is!! xx
I was wondering about that light bulb too, like LLJ, intriguing. A lot of my redundant stamps go first to my daughter and my granddaughters. Then anything they do not want gets offered to local schools. I might take some of my stash to the crop in May to see if anyone wants any of it there. You have reminded me that I must find my baby wipes before I carry on with the stamp sorting - water spray and kitchen roll is too time consuming. Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a great week. xx Maggie #3
Lindart said…
Enjoy your sunshiny day! Mine is full of snowstorm! I'm glad I'm home and not driving in it anymore today!
That is a very interesting light bulb - I've never seen one like it! Have fun with your class!
Lindart #84
Julia Dunnit said…
I have a kenwood mixer that has a beater like your lightbulb...perhaps we would both double check the usage! I like the look of the pile from SJ..I recognise that sort of neeeeed!
Nikki said…
That Light bulb is just so kewl looking does look like a beater I'd have to use it in the 1st place I could find just to see it on. Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki 29
Val-Belle said…
I have been trying to get to this for ages and when I remember it is not Wed anymore... Such a neat desk Annie xx
Lisa-Jane said…
You are so much tidier than me this week! Looking forward to hearing about those arty classes. I'm getting braver with my mists etc. #46
Lou said…
I love a neat desk.... waiting to be used for pretty makes x
Susanne said…
That's awfully neat. I do hope you join in at CKC - it's lots of fun. I'm playing over there this month too.