More Lentils ...

Hi Everyone,

Ok so I know this is starting to look like a blog about lentils, but it's only for five days - thank goodness!!!

Day Two of Live Below the Line - I arrived home this evening feeling somewhat grumpy from lack of coffee and calories and this was waiting for me in the post ...

This little girl is called Margaret. She is only ten years old and spends her free time scavenging on this dump to find plastic which her Mother can sell to buy food. Action Aid are helping people like this to find a way out of the cycle of poverty.

So when I saw this article, of course I gave myself a slap upside the head for moaning about lack of coffee and thanked my lucky stars that to get my £1 a day I just had to find my handbag and open my purse, not scavenge for it on a stinking rubbish dump.

There's no point in feeling guilty about living in a more privileged part of the world - but this experience is teaching me to appreciate what I usually take for granted and I'm so glad to be able to do a little something to help make a difference.

Here's what I had for dinner this evening - earlier than usual as I just couldn't wait, in fact it was all I could do to take a picture before I got stuck in!

The lentil stew was cooked at the weekend with carrots, onions and spices from my rations. The rice was cooked with onions and grated carrots, which gave it a nice flavour and colour - bit stodgy though, this cheap rice, nothing like the lovely basmati we usually have! But it was nice, and very filling :o)

Best news today is that I have raised £150 so far from donations on the website, plus people at work have been going without a coffee and putting the money in my collection instead AND I willl be donating the money I save on food, drink and coffees - so I'm well over my £200 target WooHOOO!!

Thanks to everyone for their generous donations and support - I really appreciate it :o)

If you would like to find out more, please click on this link and if you would like to follow my progress, please click on the Live Below the Line tab at the top of this page.

Tomorrow will be a bit easier I think as I'm at home - probably I'll spend most of it playing in my craft room to take my mind off food and coffee! Watch this space ...


Lizzy Hill said…
Ooooh! I am so thrilled you made OVER your target amount!!! And see? You are being kept 'on track'!!! Sending lotsa cyber support from this end of the world....& just think of those kilos. Think I'd have a BIG jug of water besides me on the ' you are stuffed full of water. Not gonna mention the C word.....:(:(!!!!!
Annie Claxton said…
Hey Lizzie, thanks so much for being my cheerleader - it's amazing how much difference it makes knowing that people are cheering you on! Quick visit to the doc this morning then I plan to spend the whole day cuttin and stickin! :o)