My Last 20p!

Hi everyone,

This week I'm limbering up to Live Below the Line for 5 days starting next Monday - that means I will be spending no more than £1 a day on food and drink. Click on the link above to find out why.

In a previous post I showed you my rations for the 5 days - check it out here. They added up to £4.80, leaving me a total of 20p to spend .... hmmmmm .... how best to spend those last few pence? I have the basic nutritional requirements covered, so I decided to use the 20p to spice things up a bit ...

  • Fresh ginger 5p
  • Tsp each cumin, coriander and chilli powder 12p
  • Tbsp sea salt 3p 

Along with the free herbs which have seeded themselves around the garden, these should help to relieve the monotony of my £1-a-day diet.

1.2 billion people (2/3 of them women and children) currently live in extreme poverty every day. According to the World Bank, this equates to the amount you can buy for £1 in the UK or $1.25 in the US.

I will only be doing this for 5 days and I haven't even started yet, but already this challenge has opened my eyes - I can only imagine what it must be like to face a lifetime below the poverty line. It's really got me thinking ... I usually spend more than £1 on a cup of coffee on my way in to work in the morning ...

So, what would you spend your last 20p on? Let me know in the comments below :o)

If you would like to know more, make a donation or offer support, please go to my page on the Live Below the Line website - and please pop back here next week to cheer me on!

Thanks for coming over, see you again soon

Annie :o)