WOYWW #255

Hi everyone,

Happy WOYWW #255 !!!

Another beautiful spring day here, the air is filled with birdsong and fragrant with blossom and freshly-cut grass .... aaaah the change of seasons always finds me waxing lyrical!

Of course, later today the air will be scented with manure from nearby fields and the smell of Kettle Chips cooking at the local factory ... and the sweetly singing little birds are really saying "bog off, this is my patch, these are my ladies, this is my bird table, not for you, come and fight me if you think yer 'ard enough!"

Anyway, I digress - it's Wednesday, so it's time to show you What's On My Workdesk this week. Not a lot actually - it's a desk full of procrastination ...

.... that gorgeous sunshine is falling across a Job that Needs Doing - or at least Starting. It's the first batch of wedding stationery I've promised to make for a friend - the Save the Date cards. I now have just about everything I need ready to go and they want to post these off in May.

So what am I doing sitting here, wandering about in Blogland, when I should be Getting On With It? Right, that's it, I'm going up there Right Now .... maybe I'll just check out a few Wednesday Workdesks first ....

If you would like to join in, just pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground, see what everyone else has been up to and link up to show us your own creative space - it's great fun and an excellent reason to put off making someone's wedding stationery!

Thanks for popping in, see you again soon :o)


Chrysalis said…
Hi Annie - just so tempting to visiting first, eh?! Have a great week, and I hope you get the wedding stuff made in plenty of time. Chris # 19 xx
Claire said…
How do you even think straight with the scent of Kettle Chips wafting in??? They are THE best crisps :)
Happy WOYWW!
no. 2
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Ah, you're talking to the Queen of Procrastination here! If I really don't want to face I task, I'll make any reason not to do it...and that includes cleaning out the fridge...that's how bad it can get!!
Your translation of the birdsong made me laugh too! We think they're so sweet, but that's exactly what they're saying!! We have a blackbird that sings The Addams Family theme tune - it's amazing!!
Now come on, put your Big Girl Pants on and make a start on those Save the Date cards. You'll feel better if you do ;-) LOL
HUgs, LLJ 14 xx
Donna Wheat said…
Its always starting a job that puts you off, usually though once you have started it isn't really that bad, thanks for sharing Donna #26
Anne said…
Oh yes been there got the T Shirt - procrastination that is :-) Hope you managed to make a start! Anne x #37
Heather Jacob said…
what does it matter if you have a break .... art is for loving and when you are ready to create again you will be fresh and raring to go again ... fabulous tidy desk xoxo
Nikki said…
I think it's the kettle chips that are taking you away from crafting. Not sure the smell of manure would make you hungry for them :)
Happy WOYWW and you have a tidy space too hugs Nikki 4
April said…
Procrastination is my middle name these days. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. And you are right - the mouse pad has Robert Pattinson on it - that vampire guy. ;-) LOL April #71
Hi Annie
happy WOYWW. Sorry I am running late. The sunshinje on your desk looks so lovely and I am sure you will get to the wedding cards in due time...kettle chip smells wafting in...og gosh I'd procrastinate too LOL
Annette In Oz #8
glitterandglue said…
Oh dear, Annie - you visited me, too. I trust the visit didn't stop you getting started on those cards, and that you are now well on with the list of them.
Thank you for visiting - yes, a wedding dress daunts me too! But, sometimes I just have to go for it. At least I'm now onto the real deal!!!
Take care

Margaret #49
my cup of tea said…
Hello Annie! I totally understand the procrastination thing (got that going on here too!) Have a great week!