Hi everyone,

Goodness me, is it really #256 already?! Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is the day when we share our workdesks with the world - check it out over at Julia's Stamping Ground, where you can join in the fun, have a snout around, link up and show us what's on your workdesk today!

So here's mine as it was first thing this morning, covered with half-used kits, collections and miscellaneous goodies all jumbled up together, a total mess ...

I had kept all these things together because they all came from SJ Crafts during the three months I've been on the DT, but it was all in such a muddle that when I came to pull out some bits to make a sample for the May challenge, I didn't know where to start!

So, I went through it all, sorted everything back into collections, put all the stickers and offcuts and loose bits into bags - in fact, I popped all the chipboard bits and diecuts out of their sheets and bagged them too (you know how annoying it is when they keep falling out and yet when you want them to come out they go all coy) - and then I took another picture ...

Ok, so it still looks a mess - but now it's an organised mess! For now anyway .....

One thing that is notably missing from my workdesk is my coffee mug - that's because this week I'm Living Below the Line, which means I'm eating and drinking only what I can buy for £1 a day. The budget didn't allow for coffee (or chocolate, wine, meat, gin and other necessities of life). Luckily, I like lentils and I'm allowed unlimited tap water, so it won't do me any harm, but I'm very glad it's only five days! If you would like to know any more about it, please click on the Live Below the Line tab at the top of the page.

Well, that's more than enough waffle from me - see you at Julia's :o)


Fun and busy work desk! I don't know if I could live without coffee. YIkes! I admire you!

Krisha said…
I would spend all my money on coffee....LOL I did do a quick calculation, for the brand I drink and the cost of it and it came up to about 20cents per cup.

Organizes chaos is always a good thing! and I agree about the punch outs too (grin)

Krisha #71
stampingbowd said…
Looks like lots of fun pretties to organize! My favorite thing to organize! Wishing you well with 1 a day!!! I haven't tried that yet. A friend of mine did 1.00 a day recently. #73
Nikki said…
That is very organized you have now I can see what you mean by the 1st picture where to start so much crafty goodness out!!! and very impressed you've gone with out coffee for so long Yikes I'd go crazy without mine
hugs Nikki 7
Chrysalis said…
Live Below the Line - what a great idea! I'll have to think more about that one. In the meantime, your desk looks lovely - used but under control! I don't believe you can paper craft AND have a tidy desk at the same time - the secret is to put things away between projects - something I aspire to (well done for achieving it!) Hugs, Chris # 15
Laura said…
Good on you for doing the below the line challenge
It definitely looks more tidy in the second picture - that's about the level of tidy I should aim for to avoid disappointment :)
Happy WOYWW (on thursday!)