Last Supper

Hi everyone,

It's my last day of Living Below the Line YAY!! Here's what I have left of my rations for the week ...

It doesn't look a lot, but I don't care, because I'm holding out for my midnight feast! In fact, I may not even bother to cook this pasta - I may just make myself wait a bit longer ... a bit of deferred gratification makes everything extra tasty :o)

I've just taken a delicious pizza out of the oven for my husband's dinner and resisted the temptation to stick my face its bubbling golden cheesey topping .... to make things worse, he's having a nice chilled glass of Sauv Blanc with it. Also, some time this evening, I need to do my online shopping order so that it will be delivered in time to cook dinner for some friends we've invited over tomorrow, which means I also need to check out recipes for Sticky Toffee Pudding - see? I obviously enjoy tormenting myself!

But let's not lose sight of the important thing here - the reason why I did this thing. Here's an excerpt from an email I received today from one of the organisers -

"You've put yourself in someone else's shoes. You've sacrificed 5 whole days to shine a light on the 1.2 billion people who lack the simple choices and opportunities that we have.
You've raised £260 for ActionAid. That's huge. That money will go a long way to create opportunities and lift entire communities out of poverty."

That says it all really. I'm so glad I did this - it's made me think about what it must feel like to live below the line all the time, to have no choice and no hope; it's made me really appreciate what I usually take for granted; and it's given me the opportunity to help change things for the better. £260! Not bad huh?!

It's not too late if you would like to know more or make a donation - just click here
If you would like to see how my week went, click on the Live Below the Line tab at the top of the page.

Thanks for stopping by - pop back later to check out my midnight feast! :o)


Sarah said…
I have followed your story all week and I am full of admiration for what you've done!! It's really made me think, especially tonight when deciding what to make for dinner .... opened the fridge and cupboards to such a choice of food!! I'm lucky to have full cupboards and a choice ... some don't! Enjoy that feast!! xx
Sarah said…
Oh and forgot to add I've just donated ... just a little, but every little helps right?! xx
Annie Claxton said…
Thanks so much Sarah - and it's not little at all, it shows you care and it will all add up to enough to make a difference!
Lizzy Hill said…
I think it's almost MIDNIGHT in your part of the world...oh, my....a bigibigbigbig COOOOOFEEEEEEEEEEEEE coming up, eh???? WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!! That is a huge effort & a great tally of donations & I am sooo impressed....have an extra serve of sticky date pudding or whatever you choose on me!!!!