One More Day to Go ...

Hi everyone,

Well, I can't tell how relieved I will be to reach the end of my five days Living Below the Line. Here's what I have left to see me through tomorrow ...

The plan is to take most of it to work, saving the pasta, the onion and the egg for my supper - I'll stir the egg into the hot pasta and add chopped dry-fried onions and herbs from the garden. Maybe weird, maybe nice ... the carrot will probably get a reprieve - at the moment I don't care if I never eat another carrot!

Then I may stay up for a midnight feast - I have this vision of a steaming coffee, a bubbling slice of cheese on toast with cherry tomatoes and pickled beetroot on the side, followed by a large glass of chilled white wine and a chocolate chaser! What would you miss the most that you usually take for granted?

Well, my mind is as sharp as mashed potato this evening (funny how food metaphors kept popping up today) so I'm off for an early night with my Kindle OOOOH nearly forgot to tell you the total so far


How amazing is that?! I'm been bowled over by all the kind words and generous donations so thanks again to everyone. Click here to find out what it's all about and click on the Live Below the Line tab at the top of the page to follow my progress through the week.

See you again tomorrow for the Last Supper and Final Total ... and maybe a pic of my midnight feast! :o)


Jimjams said…
Rather you than me!
Well done on the fund-raising though - quite a total!
Sarah said…
Well done Annie - you've done amazing not to give in to the coffee craving ... I'm not sure I could do it ... love my coffee and cakes too much!! How do I donate?? xx ps: enjoy your midnight feast!!