Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was one of the hottest days in the hot, HOT summer we are having here in the UK this year - so why did I spend half of it slaving over a hot stove in our tiny kitchen???

Sounds crazy I know, but it's also been a good year for damsons and John picked loads of them from this tree which grows in the grounds around where we live - you can see the clusters of ripe fruit if you look closely. Now, there's something about a glut of fruit or vegetables which brings out the old-fashioned housewife in me ...

... so I dug out my trusty old cookery books for some recipes to preserve these delicious beauties so that we can enjoy them through the winter ...

... and after a few hot and sticky hours in the kitchen, I ended up with several jars of Spiced Damson Chutney, a few of Damson Jam, a couple of Damson Brandy for Christmas ...

... and a wonderful old-fashioned feeling of satisfaction as I was stacking these on the shelves in my kitchen!

We're hoping for great things from the walnut trees this year too, so they'll be next, and then after that the quinces should be ready. Also, I noticed some interesting recipes for flavoured vinegars in my old books - one of them used nasturtium seeds, which it says may be used instead of capers, so that would be interesting to try as I always end up with far more nasturtium seeds than we need for next year.

See what I mean? It really does bring out the old-fashioned in me :o)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon

Annie x