Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hi everyone,

It has been a SCORCHER of a day here in Norfolk, and I was SO looking forward to getting home to sit in my favourite shady spot in the garden ...

... space to put my feet up, a leafy tree to filter the sunshine, windchimes to catch the breeze - what more could I possibly want? Oh yes ...

... a nicely icy G&T of course! BLISS :o)

As I was walking home, I spotted some home-grown broad beans on a little table outside someone's front gate. They were only 50p for a large bag, so I bought two bags. I have big plans for these babies, but first they needed to be double-shelled - a bit laborious but worth the trouble, and it wasn't really too much of a chore to sit and shell beans whilst sipping my drink and watching the birds.

Tomorrow I hope to recreate a pasta dish I tried at a brilliant pub called The Nags Head in Walthamstow Village recently, by combining the beans with other green veg, fresh herbs, lemon and creme fraiche - simple but delicious.

However, tonight there was no need to cook dinner because my DH was off at a Beer Festival, so I decided to keep it even simpler and indulged in one of my favourite Guilty Pleasures - a Fish Finger Butty .... Omnomnomnomnom!!! :o)

What's your Guilty Pleasure?

See you again soon x


Unknown said…
heheh yes I think hotter there then in Florida. ))) may we join you.)))