Take it Outside!

Hi Everyone,

One of the best things about the wonderful summer we're having this year is that we've been able to sit outside for an hour or two after work most days - catching the breeze, watching the wildlife, doing the crossword and enjoying a nice chilled glass of something before dinner ...

Here you can see some of the wildlife demonstrating the art of enjoying an ice cold limoncello (although trying to confuse matters by wearing his favourite Guinness shirt).

Somehow, routine tasks like prepping vegetables or mending seem less of a chore if you do them outside in the sunshine ...

... and our little garden table also makes a handy worktable for some al fresco crafting ...

This is a really cool idea I found whilst foraging on YouTube - it stops that annoying tangling thing that happens to your iPod earphones the second you put them down anywhere, and I think it looks really fun too. It's so easy to do and cost me nothing at all, because I used some embroidery threads given to me by my good friend Kate - they were leftovers from some of her beautiful cross stitch work. I used all the colours of the rainbow so it's hard to say how much it took altogether, but I guess about two skeins at the most.

You could have so much fun with this - so many colour combos, add glittery threads, try different textures like ribbon and string, work in some charms - I briefly considered using wool oddments to do the same thing with all the electrical cables in the house, but I think that may be going a step too far?!??

Anyway, if you fancy having a go at this really easy and there are loads of tutorials on YouTube - here's one

So, do like to take it outside?!

Thanks for coming over today, see you again soon :o)

Annie x


Val-Belle said…
A nice summer and this is the year that I have not been to England. :( I agree it is nice to sit and do stuff outside. I can't wait for summer to come and to be able to take off the babies clothes. THey hate being all michelin manned up. They love just being in nappies or better still nothing. We are having a cold snap here too :(
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
That sure is one FUN post!