WOYWW #282

Hi Everyone,

Another WOYWWednesday already - how did that happen?! - time to show you what's on my workdesk today. Pop over to Julia's to see what everyone else is up to this week and link up to show us yours :o)

Star of the show in my workroom this week is the gorgeous Gabriele. My wonderful husband spotted her in Norwich, picked her up, carried her all the way home in his arms and hid her in my room. He was a little concerned that he may have misjudged, that I wouldn't like her, but I fell in love with her straight away and I know that we will be great friends. Here she is in all her gorgeous glory...

... the Adler Gabriele 20, made during the 1960's. Some of her workings are a little stiff and her cover won't close, but she still does the job (we have so much in common already). I love her vintage style and the way she goes "ping"; it takes me right back to when I first learned to type many years ago. The classic typewriter font combined with my rusty typing skills produces a perfectly imperfect vintage-style text which will be great for all kinds of projects.

Not much else happening on my desk today - the empty jellybean box you can see on the right is the beginnings of an idea for a Christmas mini kit for my crafty friends this year, really must get going with that!

Thanks for popping in today - pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to check out lots of other workdesks all over the world and link up to show us What's On Your Workdesk this Wednesday :o)

Annie xxx


Lunch Lady Jan said…
Aw bless, what a fab hubby to spot Gabriele and bring her home to you :-) there's something about the 'ping' isn't there? I hope you have many happy hours together!!
Hugs, LLJ 28 xx
Unknown said…
What a jewel!! I love her! You are right, there will be so many wonderful projects to use your typewriter for. I use a typewriter I bought in 1990 - I did a whole blog about it when I found out that Brother no longer makes the ribbons I need. However, I was smart at the time and I am well stocked up on ribbons for a good while, so no worries. I type tags, scrapbook pages, envelopes, cards - everything! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #45
Julia Dunnit said…
Ooh Annie, your lovely new friend Gabriele is a treat! How fab of your DH...and how marvellous that she fits so perfectly into your space.
And cor..that is going to be a mini kit for your chums...am fascinated..!
shazsilverwolf said…
What a fabulous find! Well done Hubby. You are right, it will make perfect items for crafting. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14 xxx
How sweet Annie, brings back memories but not sure they are all good but I too like the sound.
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34
Lisca said…
What a sweet hubby you have! He knew you would like that! She's gorgeous! I love old typewriters. My mum taught me to type when I was 12 (in the 60s) on an old office typewriter. Brilliant! Have fun with it.
Have a good week,
Thank you for letting look over your shoulder,
Now there's something I can't imagine my hubby doing! (Luckily, he's got some redeeming qualities, though!) Gabriele looks gorgeous! I love typewriter fonts - vintage and distressed is best! She takes up quite a lot of space though. Where are you going to store her? Storage is always a problem for me - I so want/need a sewing machine but I have nowhere to put it! Enjoy your new friend! zsuzsa #32
Queenie Jeannie said…
What a sweet pressie!!! Enjoy!

Happy crafting!
Jeannie #27
Chrysalis said…
Ooh - I still remember my Gabrielle, bought with the £30 my parents gave me for my 21st (42 years ago!!) She was lovely, and perfect for getting me through my secretarial training. Happy days - I hope you enjoy her as much. Have a great week. Chris # 24
Artatag said…
Hey your typewriter has my name, how funny! I remember that model. Was typing on it also (long time ago). Have fun with it!
Gabriele 31
Val-Belle said…
Oh I think that she is gorgeous. I am looking for one too... I learned to type on a dinosaur and loved it.. Fabulous Annie and I reckon that hubby of yours is a keeper.
Anonymous said…
Happy Belated WOYWW. What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful hubby! I would love to have a typewriter again. Nearly bought one in an antiques shop one day, and regret not taking it home. Ali x #40
Kelly said…
Sweetie, with gorgeous Gabrielle on your desk you don't need anything else going on. What a thoughtful husband. He's a keeper! I look forward to seeing samples from you and your new assistant. Creative Blessings! Kelly #52
Nikki said…
Love those vintage typewriters have an old one in my attic doesn't work anymore but it's great to look at :) REALLY LATE getting around hugs Nikki 6