Very Happy Post!!

Hi Everyone,

Imagine how excited I was to find a package from the lovely Lizzy Hill in Australia waiting for me when I came home yesterday - and when I opened it up I was just blown away!! Lizzy had a giveaway on her blog a few weeks back, and I was lucky enough to win one of the packs of goodies. Just look at this pile of gorgeousness ...

I would say I was "chuffed to bits" but last time I used that expression on here, it caused some consternation and confusion amongst my non-UK friends who suggested I should go to the chemist  and buy some cream for it hehehehehe :o)

Anyway, as if that wasn't fabulous enough, Lizzy also sent one of her beautiful cards - I always love Lizzy's cards so it is wonderful to have one of my own ...

Check out Lizzy's blog if you haven't already - it's bursting with ideas and fun and Lizzy's distinctive style - and you'll always find something there to give you a kick up the mojo if you need it! 

Thanks again Lizzy :o)

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Bleeding embarrassing....goes with the chuffed to bits, eh???!!! But thank you for the thank you....if that makes sense? I'm GLAD you like 'em & ENJOY!!!!!
Val-Belle said…
I would be chuffed too. Mine is in the post office somewhere :P the good news is that the postal strike is over for now. The bad news is it will take two months to clear the backlog. I AM WAITING PATIENTLY! I am praying like hell that I get all of my parcels in tact. Enjoy your yumminess. <3
Lizzy is amazing :D
Chuffed to bits - LOL! Last time I used the word 'Blimey' the Americans thought it was funny because they use that word to make fun of the British. You lucky girl! Enjoy your goodies! I'll check out Lizzy's website in a sec. Have a wonderful weekend Annie!