Hi everyone,

It's Wednesday, so it's time to show the world What's On Your Workdesk this week - pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to check out workdesks from all corners of the globe (what a strange expression that is - surely a globe can't have corners?!) and link up to show everyone what you've been up to.

Not a lot happening on my desk that I can show just yet ... hopefully by tomorrow all will be revealed so watch this space :o)

In the meantime, here's a little hint ...

... on the left, a very bright daylight bulb and roughly in the middle my new video camera which is pointing at my Big Secret. I've been having all kinds of technical battles over the last few days, but hopefully I've nearly cracked it!

You can also see a very badly organised cubbyhole with my mists and stuff in the front and some drawers behind which are so difficult to get to that I can't even remember what's in them! Really need to have a sort out ... on the right is the space where I stuff paperwork which I don't want to deal with - the idea being that once I physically can't squeeze any more in there, it's maybe time to do some filing!

But instead of tidying and filing I'm off to have a nosey at some more interesting workrooms over at Julia's blog - see you there!

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx


Sharon Madson said…
Well, I can tell you , it is not as disorganized as my area is right now. I am tidying and blog hopping in between! More fun to Blog hop! LOL
Annie said…
Oh you tease....a big reveal tomorrow!! Hope you enjoy your blog hopping and I just might have to pop back tomorrow now won't I? :-)
Annie x # 26
Lizzy Hill said…
LOL!!! Ummmm....a video? I did a couple and decided they were so NOT worth the 'angst' that I had to go through....the editing & uploading were a nightmare.....but go you! Lots of peeps seem to do them effortlessly - & I'm hoping you are in that category! Did you see you'd won a ribbon pack from me???? Send me your addy [you've my email???] & I'll pop it in the post!!!!
Woo-hoo, it sounds like you're going to make videos! Either that, or you've got some eggs ready to hatch (hence the lamp) and you're going to film it, LOL! Can't wait - will have to remember to come back tomorrow! I've got the exact same drawer system (the one with the little boxes) - they're so useful - I mean Really Useful (which happens to be their brand name)! Thanks for visiting my blog Annie - I was really happy to see that you're doing WOYWW this week! zsuzsa
Artatag said…
Wow, I am really curious what you are going to film! Have to pop in tomorrow to see what it is!
Gabriele 28
Hi Annie it's strange at the moment everyone seems to be either tidying up or intending to.
Will pop back tomorrow to see what you're up. Happy crafting (and filming), Angela x 39

Shoshi said…
Great setup, Annie. I love doing videos, but they do take a great deal of time to edit - often longer than the actual art project lol! Worth it in the end, though. What editing software do you use? I am now using Final Cut Pro on my iMac and it is quite simply the best video software I've ever used - it works like an absolute dream compared with all the Windows stuff I've wrestled with in the past.

Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment. I am glad you like my album, and can see the background OK! It doesn't photograph well, and is much richer and more shimmery in real life.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #41
Laura said…
I love finding someone else who is desking instead of tidying. It's nice knowing I'm not the only one!
Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)
April said…
I can't wait to see your big reveal.
April #68
Chrysalis said…
We'll just have to come back to find out - exciting! Happy crafting, Chris # 7
Patrink said…
Hi there and nice to meet you. I am new and getting acquainted with people and process. I appreciate your sharing.

Pat #83
Val-Belle said…
Oh Annie... my room is a mess at the moment and I have outgrown it and it is in some serious need of re-organising. Maybe if I spend a few days doing that I will find my mojo hidden under it all....