Hi everyone,

The theme over at Tag Tuesday last week was "Diva". Straightaway I thought of Maria Callas - beautiful, talented, dramatic, unique - total Diva. This lovely lady can make grown men cry with her voice (my own DH is not ashamed to admit this).

Here's a YT clip from 1958 showing Ms Callas singing the "Casta Diva" aria from Bellini's opera "Norma" - even if you're not an opera fan, you cannot fail to be moved by it ... she portrays so much passion and emotion before she even opens her mouth to sing and she is every inch the Diva.

My drawing skills are sadly not up to capturing this beautiful lady's likeness, but she was definitely my muse for this tag ...

My Diva was sketched in pencil, then coloured in with Kaiser Fusion Pens - I added a little corsage (probably a gift from an adoring fan) and some sparkling jewels (of course).

Thanks for visiting my blog today - the theme over at Tag Tuesday for this week is "Texture", check it out for all kinds of ideas and inspiration.

See you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Val-Belle said…
I would not even attempt to draw anything so I think you did great. Love the tag it is so classy.
I would say that is a pretty darn good drawing, Annie! I thought I recognized her, but I just couldn't quite put my finger on it! A fabulous tag all around! I love the dimensional elements!