Happy Birthday Mum

Hi everyone,

Today would have been my lovely Mum's 78th birthday. Sadly, she died a few days after her birthday back in 2009, but still I think about her and miss her every day. She was such a creative soul and always trying something new - she would have loved all the "artyfarty" stuff I'm doing now and the way we can share our crafty adventures with like-minded people all over the world. I just wish I could share them with her too.

Here's a page I made years ago, showing Mum as a schoolgirl ...

The girl you see here went on to live a full and colourful life. She had four children of her own and went through many difficult times, but I feel there was a part of her that never quite grew up and the girl you see here was still inside her until the day she died.

Here's a page I made featuring Mum as a teenager with her elder sister - I love their pretty dresses and hats, and those tiny waists ...

 Do you ever get that thing where you catch a fleeting glimpse of your Mum or your Gran when catch yourself unawares in a mirror? It's so weird, but kind of comforting, don't you think? It's like they're still kind of with you.

 It's the same with hands - sometimes when my hands are busy doing something in the kitchen, workroom or garden, I will suddenly see my Mum's or my Gran's hands in their place, showing me how to crochet, make bread or one of the many other skills they passed on to me.

Many happy times in my childhood were spent with my Granny. Here she is in her kitchen, where I first learned to make honeycomb toffee and perfect scrambled eggs among many other things ...

I'm sorry if this post seems a little sad - I guess I am a little sad today, but that's ok. I miss my Mum and my Gran, but it is comforting to feel like they are still with me and that I will pass them on to my own children - in my genes, in all the things they taught me and in all the memories I have of them.

Happy Birthday Mum!

Love from Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
I'm with you....I still have Mum [who drives me crazy a lot of the time, but that's the nature of the beast, I think!!]...but by golly gosh! My 'Mam' as I called her. One day I'll be reunited with her, & I can't wait. She was my other half. So, yeah, I get how you feel. I still wear Mam's aprons when I'm cooking. Makes me feel she's right there alongsides me! LOOOOVE these pages....they are just beautiful:):)
Val-Belle said…
Yes I know just what you mean and the older I get the more I see it. My mom has been gone 35 years and I still miss her and wish there were so many things I could share with her. Beautiful layouts and I agree with you on their fashions and looks.
What a lovely tribute to your mum and gran, Annie! It's very touching how you preserved their memories in your layouts and in your heart.