Silly Selfie - CSI Case File #157

Hi Everyone,

Back in January, I made this layout for Case File #151 over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration - it was the first page I had made in absolutely ages, so I was thrilled to bits when it was chosen as a favourite and I was invited to be a CSI Special Investigator for March.

I have really missed CSI and I thoroughly enjoyed working on all the March Case Files. Here's the first one, Case File #157, which is crammed full of fun colours, interesting evidence and inspiring testimony, and includes a fab sketch from The Nifty Pixel ...

In order to solve the Case File, you need to make a scrapbook page using te sketch, all the colours in the Scheme, at least two items from the list of Evidence and at least one piece of Testimony.

Here's how I cracked the case ...

So far, I haven't managed to master the art of taking a "selfie" without making myself look like a proper charlie, as in this delightful example - but still I love this picture because it reminds me of how much fun I was having on this sunny day back in April 2011 on my niece Georgie's wedding day. I was messing about with the camera, trying to encourage Alice, another niece who had only just met me and was very shy at the time, to let me take her picture.

It was great fun making this page, but did I follow all the clues???

The Sketch: well, I added the horizontal piece and some of the circular elements became square, but I think you can see that the sketch was definitely my starting point.

The Scheme: all the colours are there, plus some neutral

The Evidence: camera, eyeglasses, circles/labels, metal, polaroid frame, string, buttons, pen work, distressing

The Testimony: IW "selfie", journal on circular label. My main journaling is handwritten around the edge of the page and reads as follows -

"I am always rubbish at selfies but I took this one to try and persuade little Alice to let me take hers and it worked and anyway I don't mind looking silly in a good cause"

Here are some close-ups for your perusal under the magnifying glass ...

A Happy Scatter wood veneer camera and a metal arrow painted with Distress Paint, a button, some doodling, eyeglasses made with my Georgie Stamp Set, a polaroid frame, some twine ...

... more buttons, a circular label with the date written on it, a circular tag with a metal frame, a word label ...

... journaling around the page handwritten with a black pen and another circular element in the form of a picture wheel cut with a Tim Holtz die and more doodling.

So that's my solution to this Case File - why don't you have a go? Pop over to CSI to see how everyone else solved the case and I promise you will be inspired :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx

ps I am scheduling this post to go live whilst I am in hospital recovering from some surgery and guess what? It's my birthday today wooHOOO!!! :o)


Val-Belle said…
Happy Birthday Annie.... Hope you had a great day. Hope that you are ok after the surgery too and recovering nicely. Love your take on the case file and I agree on the selfie thing I never get it... Such a fun layout with loads of gorgeous detail. So nice to have you back at CSI. <3
Lizzy Hill said…
I miss your LOs - LOOOVE ur style. This is so bright & breezy / ADORE!!! Hope ur home soon :) and the Happuest of birthdays that it can be in hossy !!!!!
That is a lovely selfie, whatever you say, Annie! And a wonderful layout to go with it!