WOYWW #301

Hi everyone,

I'm a bit late to the party, but hey, at least it's the right day! :o)

It's that time of the week when a whole bunch of us gather over at Julia's Stamping Ground to show everyone What's On Our Workdesks this Wednesday and then have a good snoop around to see what all the others have been up to!

Mine's a bit different this week - I've been sofa crafting whilst recovering from my op on Friday ...

You can see some of my portable projects laid out on the coffee table by my side. Just out of sight is a glass of water, a heap of drugs and the TV remote (back-to-back Madmen at the moment!).

Piled on the left are: crafty magazine, Zentangle book, Kindle, blackwork embroidery kit and on the top a cute crocheted change purse which I made from a magazine front page gift - I thought it would be a perfect fit for my Costa loyalty card and just a few coins to take to work.

On the right: the beginnings of a jacket for a chicken (yes really- read all about it here) and in the middle, a little collection of 1/12th scale haberdashery items I've made from a kit I've been hoarding for ten years and finally got around to making up. There's also a teeny steel hexagon patchwork template and some pins - this is for making 1/12th scale patchwork, but I don't think my eyes are up to it - I may just cut a few pieces and make it look like the lady of my miniature scene is working on it along with a whole lot of other projects, just like all of us full-size crafters :o)

I tried for a close up, but couldn't bend over very well to get a good shot, so it's not the best ...

They are meant to be bolts of fabric with price tags, reels of organza ribbon and button cards - I am really pleased with the results, seeing as they were made from scraps of fabric and trims, white card and a printed sheet of button cards with seed beads stuck on them. Clever ideas which I will copy and make more of if I ever get around to making that teeny shop ...

Some people who may be reading this will know that I took a whole bag stuffed with crafty goodies into hospital with me last Friday. Later that day, whilst I was still happily floating on a cloud of morphine, I optimistically set up my temporary workdesk and took a picture ...

To the right was a pile of birthday cards all ready to open the next day ...

I felt GREAT!! My consultant warned me that it was quite very early and I should take it easy. He warned that I may be feeling a sense of euphoria because it was over and they had managed not to kill me. He explained that the next day it would be quite normal to "come down" a bit, even feel a little sorry for myself. He was right; reality certainly hit home the next day (although he returned to lead his whole team in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to cheer me up) - but they sent me home, where my lovely husband took good care of me, and eventually yesterday I started to feel more like myself again. It's amazing what they can do and what your body can deal with isn't it? It's a miracle to me, it really is, and although the NHS may not always be perfect, we are very lucky to have it and I don't like to think what I would have done without it, so I am very grateful.

Ok enough of all that - time to go link up over at Julia's blog and see what everyone else has been up to this week!

Thanks for visiting today and I will see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Aw Annie - not every day a boss doc gets to sing you happy birthday!!! Glad ur on the improve & Home!!! No place like it - & your crafty pile is certainly impressive:):)
Julia Dunnit said…
Well at least they explained about the 'down' after the post op euphoria...it's a worrying crash if you don't know whats happening! Am very glad you're home and recuperating..be good and listen to your body; it takes longer than you want it to! The mini hexi is too small for me for sure, my eyes and my sausage fingers!
I'm sorry to hear you had to be at the hospital, but glad to hear your doing well now. I was tickled to see that you carry artsy stuff with you too, and love the miniatures and the tiny coin purse you made. Happy Belated Birthday and many Blessings!
Hi Annie, thanks for the visit. You're never too late sweet thing.
Hope you are feeling more yourself soon. The NHS may make some mistakes but I don't think people realise how lucky we actually are. In real terms it's not so long ago that we didn't have all of this. In Victorian England you were lucky to survive an operation if they even bothered to give you one or realise what was wrong in the first place. Even flu killed thousands in the second world war. Though of course I wasn't around then Lol! thank goodness.
So I think you have good reason to be pleased with them.
Sending big hugs, Angela xxx 31
glitterandglue said…
Wey hey, Annie. A happy belated birthday to you - but what a way to celebrate! An op, followed by the top Doc and team singing to you. I do trust you are feeling better, and wish you a good recovery. Back to back TV and DVDs sounds wonderful - and a coffee table full of little bits to do as and when... well, can I come too??? How right you are - the NHS does an amazing job - no-one ever sings its praises, so we only hear the complaints. We have always found the staff brilliant when ever John has had to go in. Great teams doing great work in really hard conditions.
Thanks for visiting.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #7
Artatag said…
Glad to see, you're home again. I hope you recover soon!
This little purse is adorable.
Thank you for your earlier visit and your lovely comment!
Gabriele 15
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Good, glad it's all over now and you can take your time getting better while the weather is perking up, Like Julia said though, don't do too much too quickly. Your account of your hospital stay made me laugh though...fancy a consultant singing to you, lol!!
Those patchwork hexies are teeny...good grief, you must have good eyesight if you can deal with those!
Hugs, LLJ 5 xx
Patrink said…
Real die hard creafters can't be stopped. Love the notion of couch crafting, I do that in the evenings with a "limited palette"

Hope you are on the mend quickly. Enjoying my coffee with you today.

Pat #78
Shoshi said…
Glad you are home from your operation, Annie (sorry you also suffered a postponement) and well into your recovery - you are doing very well. Don't rush things - rest and let your body recover!! Thanks for your lovely comment - my postponement turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it has given me the time to recover from all that Mum-induced stress. I am going in on Wed. p.m. for my surgery and hopefully will be well enough in a few days for my hubby to bring in my laptop, and in the meantime my friend Lucy will post updates on my blog for me, as my hubby phones them through to her. Glad you liked my photo!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #46
Robyn Oliver said…
Hi Annie, well happy belated birthday wishes AND a fast recovery - do hope things are mending quickly for you. I like what Pat said - can't stop a die hard crafter, better to be busy than dwelling, and you seem to adapt your projects to suit, really well. Best wishes cheers RobynO#25
So happy to hear that you're recovering well, Annie! Nice to see that you managed to sneak in some crafting as well. I missed this week's WOYWW (again) - hope to be back some time soon. I haven't created anything in two weeks!
Lisca said…
Well, a belated Happy Birthday to you! And also Happy Homecoming from hospital!. Glad you're on the mend.
I remember you saying you were preparing a craft bag to take to hospital. A good idea. Did you get any zentangles done?
Thank you for visiting earlier in the week and for your kind comment.
Sorry I'm so late with this but the house we were staying in in Italy didn't have internet. My son does but we were not able to go to his house as the village was/probably still is completely snowed in. Wednesday morning I went to a coffee bar that had wifi and posted my little contribution.
I'm now back home and catching up on stuff, downloading (baby) photos and keeping the washing machine going.
Have a great week,
Val-Belle said…
I am glad that you are on the mend Annie and that is the sign of a truly dedicated crafter I reckon. Take it easy and get better soon.
Ella Swan said…
I am happy to hear you survived and even considered crafting in hospital. That must surely be a world first?!? Lol!! Wishing you a speedy full recovery!!!