WOYWW #309

Hi everyone,

It's already Week #309 over at WOYWW - soon it will be time for the big 6th Anniversary ATC swap and I really want to join in with that this year. In case you're wondering what on earth all that's about - have a wander over to Julia's Stamping Ground, where you can check out crafty workdesks all over the world, and you are welcome to link up and join us - show the world what's happening in your creative space this week.

Here's mine this morning ...

Not too messy this time (for me!) - this week I have been mostly finishing UFOs from the Scrapstars retreat and making my first Pocket Letter. If you don't know what these are, check out Janette Lane's You Tube channel - she's the girl who invented the idea only a few weeks ago, but it's really taken off in a big way.

The sealed envelope you can see at the front of my desk has just gone off to my first Pocket Letter Pal Kathy - I really hope she likes it! I'll post some pics and maybe a little vid when I know she's opened it ... and maybe some of you would like to join in and be my Pocket Letter Pals too :o)

Also to the left of the PL is another kind of happy post - this arrived from Singapore and at first I thought it was something I'd ordered from eBay and forgotten about (wouldn't be the first time!) - but in fact it was a lovely prize from Lessology. Here's a closer look ...

How sweet is that?! All things I Luuuuurrrrve :o) I love the Lessology challenges, particularly because they use recycled stuff.

Ok I'm off to Julia's blog now with a nice cup of coffee, see what everyone else has been up to this week - see you there :o)

Annie xxx


Stacy Sheldon said…
that sounds really interesting. ( off to go look later for the letters) your loot looks like a lot of happy! :) ~Stacy #58
Artatag said…
What a lovely prize indeed! Lucky you! And how nice to see a busy desk!
Happy WOYWW!
Gabriele 15
Sue Jones said…
Great prize - especially when you have fogotten about iot or not expecting it :D I will have to go look at the you tube demo (just incase i need to have a go :))
Soojay 3#
Lucky you, what a great prize, hope you enjoy using it.
Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23
jill said…
A lovely prise to receive Annie . enjoy using them .happy woyww Jill #25
Julia Dunnit said…
There's no better a pressie than a surprise win, well done you! I wonder when you'll have enough loo rolls?!!
Nikki said…
Sweet Surprize in the post and it's all so wonderful and I'd be happy to swap with you off to find your email
hugs Nikki 8
Lunch Lady Jan said…
I had to go back and check the desk shot after reading Julia's comments!! What are you going to do with all those loo roll tubes? A very long marble run maybe? Lol :-)
And what a fab prize to win, love the colour of those laces. Even better cos it was a surprise!
Hugs, LLJ 2 xxx
Annie Claxton said…
hehhehe the loo rolls want to be a mini book when they grow up - watch this space :o)
Lisca said…
How sweet! That's a lovely prize.
Thanks for your visit,
Have a great week,
Val-Belle said…
Nice win Annie.... always nice to receive a happy parcel :D