Special Invitation with a Video Toot!

Hi Everyone,

Some friends of mine are getting married in September and I was really chuffed when they asked me to make their wedding invitations. Between us, we came up with this fun and pretty design ...

... which opens up like this to reveal the invitation and all the necessary details ...

We settled on a very natural style and colour scheme, using kraft cardstock, cotton lace and rustic twine and finishing with tiny paper roses, but this design could easily be adapted to suit any colour scheme or type of event.

It's great fun to make your own invitations to add an individual touch to your special occasion and these really aren't too difficult. I've made a video tutorial to show you how I made them ...

My version is about 5" square and fits nicely into a 6" square envelope. The materials you need will depend on how many you're making of course, but to give you some idea, this is what I used for each invitation -

One sheet 12" cardstock per invitation (waste is used to make the band)
Lightweight card in contrasting colour for the band (four from an A4 sheet)
One A4 sheet lightweight card or heavy paper for printing the inside information
About 12" lace and 18" twine
Two tiny paper roses twisted together

I also used double sided tape, glue, scissors, ruler, bone folder, circle template and score board (the last three are not essential if you don't have them but they do make life easier!).

NB The decorative band needs to be slightly bigger than the central square, so that it has room to fit comfortably around the folded invitation. For my 5" square, the contrast strip measured 11½" and was scored at 3 1/8" from either end, leaving a 5¼" middle section. The kraft colour strip which goes over the top measured 12" and was scored at 3¼ from either end, leaving a 5½" middle section.

That might sound a bit complicated but it will all make sense when you watch the video, honest! :o)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx