Going Sober for October!!

Hi everyone,

Today I decided to take on a new kind of challenge - and it's nothing to do with scrapbooking or crafting. I hereby promise to abstain from alcohol for the whole month of October (oooohhh scary!)

Signing up for this challenge was quite a big deal, because I know it will be difficult for me, but if I say I'm going to do something I don't like to let the side down, so a public declaration of intent will help to make sure I stick to it!

Like many people, I enjoy a glass or two and don't see that as a problem, but somehow my alcohol intake has crept up without me really noticing - a little (or large) G&T whilst I'm cooking dinner, a nice glass of wine with the meal, probably two .... and before you know it you're doing that every night of the week and it's just part of your lifestyle. I don't THINK I have a serious problem, but it has become an ingrained habit which is definitely not good for me.

This challenge is a great opportunity to break that cycle AND hopefully raise some money for a very worthy cause too. My motivation -

Better sleep, weight loss, lower blood pressure
Good cause - help to support the wonderful work done by Macmillan
More time and energy to do fun stuff
Feel more positive and in control of my life

So, watch this space and wish me luck! If you would like to know more, join in or make a donation, please check out my page at Go Sober for October - it would be great to form a team if anyone's up for it?!

Thanks for visiting today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Good on you Annie! It's funny how food and drink, necessities in life, can often be problems as well.... good luck with it all......me? I had an alcoholic father and consequently have never touched the stuff!!! Always had this fear there might be a wee genetic tendency lurking - & really didn't want to test it!! Waiting patiently for your unveiling of your scrappy adventures, too:):)