WOYWW #336

Hi Everyone,

Another lovely autumn day here and another week has flashed by like a ferret (ie a very fast, all over the place and impossible to keep up with!). It's nice to have a little breather, nice cup of coffee, bit of a nosey around other people's creative spaces - head over to Julia's Stamping Ground if you'd like to join us, everyone is welcome.

Here is my desk this morning - my son bought me a VERY bright daylight bulb as I've been struggling with the poor light in there. So now I can turn on summer in my workroom at the flick of a switch, even when I'm doing a spot of late night creating as is my wont ...

My desk looks like chaos, but there is in fact a project in progress here, honest. To the left is the folder I keep my pocket letters in (also my WOYWW ATC swaps which you can see there). To the right at the back is a paper cup from the work canteen which is begging to be coloured in, so I brought it home thinking it might be useful for something ... in the middle is a pile of stuff where I've "shopped my stash" ready to make the next pocket letter ...

It's going to have a seaside theme, so I wanted to make little beach huts, hence the doodling on the sticky notes there - why is it so hard to draw a beach hut shape?!? Plonked on top of all that is the pack of chalk markers which arrived yesterday and haven't yet been tested.

So that's the plan for the next couple of hours, then I guess I had better think about getting dressed as I've promised to take some homemade pumpkin soup over to my son's for lunch.

I'll be popping over to Julia's to visit a few other desks from all over the place and see what everyone else has been up to this week. Maybe I'll see you there! :o)

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx


Robyn said…
I need one of those bulbs! I feel right a home in an "active" desk!
Robyn 36
Lisca said…
Lovely! Lots going on on your desk!
Let there be light! Daylight is so important. I used to have broad spectrum day light lamps as I suffer from SAD syndrome (seasonal affective disorder).
I'm interested to see what you do with the coffee cup (I mean coloringwise).
I made pumpkin soup too this week. It was a huge butternut squash which I baked whole in the oven for a few hours (I hate peeling them so I bake them whole... no need to peel as the peel gets zapped in the blender with the rest). I used half the squash for the soup and the other half is going to end up as pumpkin pie.
Have a great week,
Thanks for visiting already,
That lamp is a good idea! I tend to do my crafting late at night as well, so perhaps I should invest in one. Love the beach huts! I must have missed the ATC swap earlier thi syear, cause this is the first time I hear about it! I'll join next year if it's on! Never tried pumpkin soup, but it sounds like something I might like! Happy WOYWW, Annie!
Glenda said…
Looks like you have lots going on here! Thanks so much for sharing! Glenda #25
Sue said…
Hi Annie, Looks like you are going to be busy with the beach huts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #19
Laura said…
Once you have tried daylight bulbs there is no going back - I love 'em!
Hi Annie, thanks for the visit to mine. I promise to get my desk sorted for next week. The daylight bulbs are very good especially when working at night. Looks like you have a nice collection of ATCs too. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 21
Lunch Lady Jan said…
I can't sew a stitch without my daylight bulb...am as blind as a bat otherwise! It makes such a difference, you'll not regret getting yours :-)
I remember the horse/dogs from the fairs too, lol! (We're definitely of an age!) they must have been made of some weird plaster of Paris cos they were fab for drawing on paving slabs etc. oh that takes me back, lol
Hugs, LLJ 2 xx
Lizzy Hill said…
What a busy desk! And Pumpkin soup - yum! My fave:) Your pocket letter looks like it's coming along beautifully, too....glad you're getting a chance to scrap again, between running around like a ferret!!!
interested in knowing how those pens work out. Maybe you can make wonky beach huts??mmm pumpkinsoup, love it.butterfliecrafter#8
Scrapthology said…
I keep thinking about getting a worklamp as the light in my apartment is truly rubbish. Love the idea of the little beach huts, they always look cute.