Tea Bag Gift Boxes

Hi Everyone,

Not an awful lot going on crafty-wise around here just lately, but I did have fun making these little Christmas gifts for my creative lovelies at KHC just before Christmas ...

I pinched the idea from this YT tutorial and just added a belly band and my own embellishments, then filled each box with a few fancy teabags. A great way to use up some of my stash of pretty ribbon and patterned papers to create an inexpensive but pretty present for my friends. I think these would make great wedding favours too.

Here's a slightly clearer photo ...

I think I managed to fit five or six individually wrapped teabags in each box, but I reckon it wouldn't be too difficult to adjust the size to fit some after dinner mints instead, and dress the box to match the colour scheme of a wedding or other event. I <3 YouTube!!! :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
They look fabulous....really neat idea:) Very prettily fancied up, too:) Might have to nick this idea for NEXT Christmas!!!
These look incredibly cute and what a great idea to fill them with tea bags! Your friends will think of you every time they have a cuppa! Are you excited about the start of LifeBook, Annie? The first lesson has been posted!