WOYWW #339

Hi Everyone,

It's another beautiful crisp but sunshiney day here and I find it hard to believe that the "C" word is just around the corner. As usual, I haven't bought a single present or made any cards yet - but I will get most of my shopping done online this week and hopefully the pressure of looming last-posting dates will get me motivated on the card-making front. Or it won't, and I'll admit defeat and do a panic run to the local charity shop to see what they have left like I did last year!!

Meanwhile, it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday again, so it's time to link up over at Julia's Stamping Ground and share our crafty spaces with the world!

I have managed to catch up on some long overdue Pocket Letters whenever I've had time to play in my room over the last few weeks. The shambles you see below is the aftermath of a mammoth session, where I had finished two PLs and you can see a third one just emerging from the chaos ...

... and I haven't bothered to tidy up, because I have just two left to finish and I will have done all twelve on my swap list, so I want to make those before I put it all away. The one you can see in the pic is for Sally, who didn't give any colour preferences I know likes baby stuff and hates ribbon! So I went for a kind of dolly mixtures colour scheme and chucked in lots of baby-themed goodies I happened to have stashed away.

Pocket Letters are a fab way to share your stash - as well as finding a good home for surplus goodies, it's really fun to receive happy mail in return. Here's the PL which Sally sent me back in June - totally gorgeous, with lots of handcrafted details and full of vintage-style goodies she knew I would love ...

Well, I'm off to grab a couple of hours in my playroom and finish those last two letters - see you later over at Julia's!

Thanks for stopping by :o)

Annie xxx


Your pocket letters are coming along nicely, Annie. And you're right, why tidy up when you're gonna make the same mess the next day! I haven't met anyone who hates ribbons! I didn't know it was possible! Have a fun week!

Lovely pocket letters you have there. I have only ever made one and it was not as nice as your's! And as for tidy up? Why bother as we are always just going to make another mess later :) Happy WOYWW! PaperOcotilloStudio #37
shazsilverwolf said…
Lovely pocket letters! I'm with you totally on the shopping & card front! Really must get down to ordering this week, and get my cards done. Cannot get motivated, that's the trouble. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx
Lisca said…
I love the idea of the pocket letters. Especially as some of the pockets hold small goodies. And you can make one up with very little stuff ( and get rid of some stuff you don't need).
The vintage one looks really nice.
Have a good week,
Lizzy Hill said…
That PL looks lovely...& I so agree with you, they are not only a great way to bust that stash, but also a FUN way as well. Good luck with the Chrissy stuff. My 3 yo grandboy is coming tomorrow. I think he can have the job of decorating the house. Nope. Hasn't been done.....!!!
Artatag said…
Thank you for sharing all your pretties! That pocket letter sure looks nice but I also love your desk.
Gabriele 39
Marissa said…
I still see bits of desk, so I think you're good! :) Very jealous of your drawer unit too. :)

Marissa 48