WOYWW #355

Hi Everyone,

I've been AWOL for a couple of weeks - other more pressing stuff going on - but I missed my weekly WOYWWing! Check out Julia's Stamping Ground to find out what I'm on about and join in with the desking fun :o)

So here's my workdesk today ...

L-R you can see my ancient set of Wispa pens, then my second attempt at Five Minute Flowers, then a little pile of cigar boxes which are going to be transformed into something gorgeous, then a box of 500 deli papers which just arrived in the post from Amazon - haven't quite decided what to do with them yet!

Here's a closer look at my Five Minute Flowers ...

(they took about twenty minutes this time so I'm getting there!)

I've been watching some YouTube videos for inspiration about upcycling cigar boxes and I really want to make a little chest of drawers, so I just needed one more box and my lovely husband brought this one home for me ...

Isn't it lovely?! It's so beautifully made, and I can keep my pencils and stuff in all those little compartments. Can't wait to get cracking on it :o)

Right now, though, I'm off to Julia's to see what everyone else has been up to - see you there!

Thanks for popping in today, have fun with whatever is on YOUR workdesk today :o)

Annie xxx


Nikki said…
That's a big picture for trying to get it done in 5 min. Usually I thought 5 min art work was done in pencil or charcoal so you could blend quickly. Your flowers look good. Are you goingto alter the cigar box or leave it ?
Hugs Nikki? ?
ToadilyDiane said…
great job coloring. Love your new box.
Have a great day!
Diane - WOYWW #32
Sharon said…
The flowers look great. You're supposed to get them all done in 5 minutes! Think you did great if they only took you twenty. I'd probably have just one done in that amount of time.
The cigar box looks great as it is - so useful! I'll have to go check out a video and see what you're talking about.

Sharon K #51
Felicia said…
I LOVE your Five (twenty) minute flowers! LOLOL Such beautiful coloring! What a great find from your hubby! I collect boxes and that would be a big score for me! A great new way to store your goodies! Blessings, Felicia #55
shazsilverwolf said…
Love that cigar box. Instant thought was what a lovely jewellery box it would make. See lots of people on SCS talking about Deli paper, so I'll be interested to see what it's used for. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz#29 xxx
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Ooh, I have a bit of a thing about cigar boxes too...why are they so tempting, do you think? I love the shape and smell, takes me back to when my dad always had cigars at Christmas 😊
Hugs, LLJ 1 xxx
Sue Jones said…
Beautiful painting. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the box. Thanks for the visit earlier today - I am only just getting round to hoppingxx Soojay xx
I can't believe it only took you 20 minutes to watercolor all that detail in your flower pot! I love the little compartments in the cigar box that your husband got you. Happy WOYWW and blessings!
You really perfected that w/c technique, Annie! Your flowers look fantastic! That's a lot of deli paper - it's the best collage paper ever! Translucent, but not as flimsy as tissue paper. I normally buy them on eBay, but I'll check out Amazon for my next batch. Not doing WOYWW this week, just checking in with some people I follow anyway. Have a lovely Easter!
Lisca said…
I love your 5 min picture. It is lovely. No way that can be achieved in 5 minutes.
The cigar boxes are truly amazing. Where does one find cigar boxes? Does your hubby smoke cigars?
Thanks for visiting, and have a great easter weekend.
Nice watercolor. Really great find with the cigar box. I like the looks of that deli paper. Peg 70
Aimeslee Winans said…
Hi, Annie! Thanks for the loverly comment at my place - I appreciate it. I love everything here - I'll take one of each, lol. I'm envious as my hubster smokes cigars and never gets boxes THAT cool. I do have quite a collection, will be subscribing to your blog now. Happy Easter! xoxo, Aimeslee