My Story, My Altar

Hi Everyone,

I've been catching up with week 17 of Life Book 2016- this time, the lovely Roxanne Coble showed us how to build up lots of layers of collage, paint and penwork to create a space to honour some important events in our lives.

It was a brilliant class, full of tips and ideas and inspiration. My new Golden paints got their first airing and I made the most wonderfully colourful mess on my desk! Here's what I ended up with -

I found it difficult to decide on three or four events, as there have been SO many, so I went with three important aspects of my life which are very much part of who I am. That sentence sounds a bit strange but hopefully it makes some kind of sense! The house with the heart in it represents my home and husband, the round pot symbolises motherhood/my children, and the framed butterfly stands for art and creativity and the freedom they have brought into my life.

Roxanne made the whole process feel so natural and playful and not at all daunting. She mentioned that she often comes back to a piece over and over again, adding more details and doodles over a period of days or even weeks until she feels it is "done" - and I think I may be the same with this one.

I'm half way through week 18 - another fab class which I can't wait to get back to, but no time today!

Thanks for visiting my blog, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


This is gorgeous Annie, it looks so busy yet everything works together so well. Happy crafty weekend, Angela x
I really love your doodles in this, Annie! A brilliant page! I enjoyed this process a lot too!
Helen Wallace said…
A colourful and eclectic piece, full of warmth and symbolism. Love the free form feel of this Artwork.
Aimeslee Winans said…
Meaningful page, love the colors. xoxo
Lizzy Hill said…
You really are getting a lot out of these classes! It's great! And another wonderfully creative piece:):) I get what she says about coming back to it, too.... I think going to take a leaf outta that book:):)!!!!!