My Normal is Not the World's Normal ...

Hello me again!

The lesson for week 19 of LifeBook 2016 was brought to us by the amazing Wyanne Thompson and as always I had a wonderful time and learned loads - although I struggled with the technique and my painting didn't end up how it was meant to be at all!

Wyanne showed us a brilliant technique, whereby you start by making a sketch on rough paper, tracing it, inking it a bit at a time and pressing it down to transfer the image onto watercolour paper. Then you go in with lots of water and watercolour paints and let them do their thing - this is the part I struggled with! At one point it was going really well, then I got a bit too controlling and stuffed it up completely. Rather than chuck it in the bin, I kept working on it with acrylic paints and coloured pencils, until I ended up with a picture I was happy with - although it wasn't "right".

I will try the techniques Wyanne showed us again - I really need to work on being loose and spontaneous! We also had go at some crayon resist, washi collage and a fun background using eggshells (honest!) - so lots of new ideas to play with.

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Yay, another one! You've been very prolific today, Annie! You did this incredibly well! I haven't had the courage to tackle this lesson yet. I don't know what it is that frightens me about it! Probably the watercolours! I struggle with giving up control too - I'm glad I'm not alone!
Helen Wallace said…
Perhaps it turned out the way it was meant to? Looks wonderful to me and good on you for pushing through and finishing the project. :D
Lizzy Hill said…
I'm with Helen....prob ended up just like it was meant to turn out! But I'm with you.....I'm not 'flexible' enough and got enough sort of artistic imagination to be 'artsy'..... YOU, on the other hand....LOOOOOOVE what you're doing. And that painting? Reminds me of you!!!!