Her Light Shines Brightly

Hello my bloggy friends,

For week 21 of Life Book 2016, we had a lesson with the lovely Renata Loree, who showed us how to draw an upturned face and gave us lots of tips about painting hands - these are both things which I find very challenging so tend to avoid usually. But hey, that's why I am on this Life Book journey - to push myself out of that comfort zone.

It was fascinating to watch Renata work. Firstly, she created a beautiful painty background, then she drew and painted a mandala directly onto this. The figure was drawn over the mandala, so that it became part of the body.

I found the whole process very meditative, though it took me a week to finish as I had to keep letting it dry and coming back to it later. Here's my finished result (well, probably finished) ...

A strange thing happens when you put a picture of a project on a blog like this - it's as if you see it for the first time through new eyes if you know what I mean?? I can see lots of things wrong with this through my new eyes, but I'm pleased that I had a go - I mean, those are GIANT hands, but at least they do look like hands!! :o)

I've made twenty pictures for Life Book so far this year, there are about six I want to catch up on and we're only half way through! I'm using larger paper now as well - I started with A4 but mostly use A3 now so I have room to spread. My Life Book is going to be HUGE and very colourful :o)

Thanks for popping by today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
I so admire your ability to create beautiful Art. You sound not quite happy with the hands, but to me, unable to draw even stick figures, it looks quite marvellous. TFS
Wow, you did this so well, Annie! I like the softness in it as the light radiates. I didn't even attempt the upturned face - it's very tricky to get it right - yours came out fantastic! I think my problem is that I just don't have the patience to spend too long on small details - but it is the small details that make a big difference!