My Inner Wizard/Housewife!

Hello Bloggy Peeps,

Yesterday I managed to squeeze in some playtime to catch up with week 23 of Life Book 2016. In this lesson, the talented Jenny Grant showed us how to create a really interesting distressed, grungy look and encouraged us to listen to our inner voices and paint what we feel. The face in Jenny's beautiful painting was calm and strong; mine came out looking thoughtful and a bit disappointed ...

She looks more like my inner housewife waiting for a bus in the rain than my inner wizard I think - don't know why, that's just what came out! I'm very happy with the background though and learned a lot through this process.

We started our background by collaging with various papers and toning it down with white paint. This was a very calming and meditative process. Then the fun really began and things got very messy indeed in my little room - we applied paints with a palette knife and spritzed with water to create drippage, did some mark making with black and white paints, added texture with paste through a stencil, sanded it back and applied more paint and some gilding cream for a subtle metallic gleam which you can't see in the photo. The face was drawn in water soluble pencil, finished with paints and pens and then grunged up a bit with more drippage. Phew - what a happy mess!

I had such a lovely time, I've no idea why she's looking so sad - maybe she should go stamp in those puddles :o)

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
Gosh!!! She might look a bit wistful, but what an delightful background. You are so clever; I really admire your determination to succeed in the Art world. Gorgeous work.