Piece by Piece

Hello bloggy mates,

We've been away on holiday, catching up with family and friends in beautiful Cornwall, so I'm a little behind on my Life Book 2016 lessons, but I did take some limited supplies with me and was able to finish one picture, inspired by the bonus lesson for week 22 with Kristin Dudish ...

"Life is a tragedy when viewed in close-up, but a comedy in long shot"
Charlie Chaplin

Kristin introduced us to a fun game for facing your fears one piece at a time. You start with an image you want to use as inspiration for your picture - I used this one of a forlorn-looking Charlie Chaplin and friend ...

The idea is to cut the reference image up into pieces, number them and divide your paper into corresponding pieces. Then you shuffle the pieces and take one at a time, using a different medium to render each little section of the picture ...

By doing this, you forget about the whole picture and concentrate on the shapes, lines, shadows and highlights within the individual piece you're working on - so the whole thing is much less daunting, and even if you only have ten minutes to spare, you can just do one piece. 

Unfortunately, both faces fell neatly into squares - I want to try this again with a larger face so that doesn't happen, but as soon as I saw this picture I couldnt' resist trying it. With the dog's face, I turned the whole page upside down, so as to trick my brain into forgetting it was a dog - and it worked! 

I had very limited supplies with me, so this was done in coloured pencils (some water soluble) and a biro, rollerball pen and propelling pencil which I found in my handbag. Great fun, definitely a technique to return to again and again. Thanks Kristin!

Thanks for visiting today, see you again soon :o) 

Annie xxx


Wow, Annie, you did this so well! Amazing that you got these results with just limited supplies! Love it! Are you sure you're not a professional graphic designer?
Lizzy Hill said…
That's pretty gobsmacking & a really great fun as well as creative exercise! LOOOVE the result! Glad you've had a bit of time off...hope you found some sunshine!!! And the Eden Project.....seen photos - would be AMAZING in RL..... But not as amazing as Arundel;)!!!!!!
Helen Wallace said…
Clever girl to achieve such a look with limited supplies. Just can't take the artist out of the holiday huh! You are inspiring with your Art work, always trying something new. I'm going to look into this, when I catch my breath, which won't be until mid August. :D
Val-Belle said…
Hey Annie... it's been a long time and it is so nice to be getting back into the swing of things again. I am convinced now that my lack of mojo is due to too much stuff... time to de-stash I think and only keep the stuff I just love. This is such a cool idea and I love the end result. How clever you are <3