Blossom,Grow, Transform.

Hello Bloggy Friends,

This month Life Book has been all about "Growth and Transformation".

In the lesson for Week 34, the lovely Roben-Marie Smith showed us how to create a beautiful abstract picture of flowers in a pot, using a combination of collage, paint and other media to build up layers of colour and texture.

Although I love pictures of flowers, they never seem to work out well for me, but I did enjoy the process and picked up some new ideas and techniques along the way. Here's how it came out ...

To start my collage, I used some gorgeous papers from two of my Life Book friends which they sent to me when we swapped ATCs a while back - there's a beautiful gelli print from Zsuzsa which I used to create the magenta/blue flowers, and some lovely painted music score paper from Mychele which I used for some of the leaves. It was really cool to be able to incorporate some art from my friends into a piece of my own.

I also love the look of the collaged text paper and Roben-Marie's idea of printing our journalling onto deli paper, which then became another layer in the background ...

.... I scribbled mine with a Micron pen instead of printing. It's a great way to add journalling to a page as you can make sure it looks right before you stick it down and once it's glued, the deli paper just disappears so you only see the text. This has been layered over so it's only a subtle suggestion of words, but it could be much clearer if that's what you wanted - I will definitely use this idea again and may even come back to add some more obvious words to this one as I still think it needs something ... what do you think, my arty farty friends??

A few words jumped out at me as I was cutting up the book paper and I just had to highlight them - if you look closely below you may be able to spot them ...

Today is Monday, so we'll be getting another lesson soon - I get so excited each week to see what my next adventure is going to be :o) Just had a quick peek at the schedule and it looks like we have the talented Annie Hamman this week and we'll be creating an imaginary self-portrait - oooooohhh watch this space! :o)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Dammit! I can't read the words....on my laptop & can't get up close enough....I do ADORE this one. So different from your last play with the girl.....& the little hearts on the stems - totally cute. Love that words in the bg idea.... you've used it before, yes? Beautiful picture:):) I'd want to frame this one:)
Oh, so beautiful! Loving the compo and the colours and I'm so happy to be part of it in a small way! I didn't bother with printing on deli paper either (although it's a great idea, I just wanted to get on with the project) and I tried writing directly on deli paper with a permanent uniball pen, but it wouldn't take. It sounds like it works better with a micron. Will try that next time! I used tissue paper instead, which worked ok - I just had to be careful with it because it tears so easily! I get excited about Mondays as well! I always say LifeBook made Monday my favourite day of the week!
Val-Belle said…
Oh I love this piece Annie. The colours and the whimsical flowers just gorgeous. The background text is fabulous. I love this