Finding My Voice

Hello Arty Friends,

Life Book 2016 has been like a huge arty banquet for me - it's full of delicious things I want to try, but I don't have room for all of it at once! So, I've been dotting back and forth as and when I have a bit of space for arting, helping myself to whichever delectable morsel takes my fancy - and some of them I know I will get a taste for and want to try again and again.

This time, I went back to the lesson for Week 27 with the wonderful Lisa Viger - what an inspiration this was! Lisa encouraged us to first listen to our critical inner voice, see if it had anything useful to say, choose to act on it or ignore it, and then let our inner child out to play :o)

Here's my end result (bit of a sad girly, not sure why) ...

Firstly, we allowed our inner voice to scribble words all over the page, then over this we created a soft, light background with layers of bright pastel colours. If you look closely, you'll the word "LISTEN" along the bottom - but my poor sad girly has no ears! I could tell you that that was a deliberate choice, because the picture is all about learning to listen (or not) to my inner voice, but in fact this did not occur to me until just now!

Next, Lisa showed us how to create our own translucent collage pieces, and this was an absolute revelation to me. We drew the face, figure, flowers and butterflies free hand and coloured them with coloured pencils. Lisa used rice paper, but I used deli paper as that's what I had available, and coloured with Prisma pencils. Once these pieces were adhered to the background, they became beautifully transparent, allowing previous layers to show through. Totally yummy!!

Here's a closer look at the effect ...

I LOVE this technique and will definitely be trying it again. To finish the picture, Lisa did more stencilling and lots of doodling over this layer as well, but I just ran out of time, so may come back to this one later to finish it off.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Val-Belle said…
Annie this is just beautiful and so nice that you are trying all sorts of different things. I love seeing what you are doing. <3
Lizzy Hill said…
I'm with Val - I am SO enjoying your journey with the art experimentation. LOVE this one. The translucent thingy works a treat. Love your girl. Earless and all;)!!!!
Helen Wallace said…
Oh my goodness - Arty Farty is the perfect name for you. Totally loving this experiment, Hmmm, looks like a professional job to me!! Love the translucent, ethereal look almost like encaustic work. Sigh - so beautiful. Sorry I've been MIA, travelling O/S for five weeks and now trying to leap over piles of washing and mail, with the odd venture onto the 'puter for a little light entertainment. :D