Happy Anniversary!!

Hello Bloggy Peeps,

Saturday 20th August 2011 was one of the very happiest days of my whole life - because I married my Lobster ....

This painting was inspired by a photo of My Beloved taken on a very happy afternoon during our first summer together in 2010. We had just found each other through eHarmony and on this particular afternoon, we met up with some friends at the Duke's Head Beer Festival Somerleyton in Norfolk.

What an amazing time that was - we had just found each other through eHarmony and were beginning to realise that we fitted together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. I've called the painting "Rose  Coloured Specs", because we're still looking through them now :o)

Thanks for visiting today my blogg friends, and if you are reading this too, my Stinky Lobster, Happy Anniversary!!! <3

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Hmmmmnnn--- I can see a photo of YOU... But no painting???? Regardless, CONGRATS on your anniversary & even more on finding each other. LOVELY story:):)
Helen Wallace said…
Did you do this painting Annie? If so, I dips me lid!!! It's amazing - at first I thought it was a photo. Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary. How wonderful that you found each other. :D
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Aww, that's lovely! Both my brothers found their partners through eharmony too 💖💖💖
Awww, so sweet! I met my husband through the Internet too, back in 2000! What a great portrait of your "lobster" So realistic - it's very difficult to do a smiling face with teeth showing, but you did it brilliantly! The details in the hair look fantastic too! Happy anniversary!
Val-Belle said…
Seriously Annie. That is amazing. You are so good. I am sure that he was delighted by it too. My fave bit.... the rose coloured specs. Fabulous :D