WOYWW #375

Hello Bloggers and Fellow Deskers,

What a beautiful WOYWW morning it is, and I have the whole day more-or-less to myself - the trick is to decide what I really feel like doing and then actually do it, rather than waft about doing nothing in particular and then feeling like I've wasted the day :o)

Here's my workdesk today - after a mammoth clearing and tidying session at the weekend ...

It seemed like a good idea to do it while DH was away on a jolly, as I knew the temporary mess that needs to happen while you're tidying a craft room would drive him nuts. So, I started around midday on Saturday .... by 6pm I was wishing I had never started, but luckily my son was keeping me company and stopped me from throwing the whole lot out of the window ... we stopped for dinner, then I carried on .... he went home about midnight, I still carried on .... it was finally finished at 3.30am!!! Phew !!! :o)

Now I wonder how long it will take me to trash it again?!

What's On Your Workdesk this fine Wednesday? If you would like to show the world, or just have a nosey at what everyone else is up to, please join us over at Julia's Stamping Ground - it's addictive!

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


You must be mad, Annie, tidying until 3.30 in the morning! Still, it was worth it! Your desk is looking neat and ready for action! Have a lovely week! Hope you can find the time to do more art now that you have a tidy and inviting work space! zsuzsa #24
Lunch Lady Jan said…
The thing is, once you've started something like the clear up, you don't want to leave it! I don't know if I'd have carried on until the early hours though, lol! As long as you're happy with the end result though, that's what's important :-)
Hope you've had time to do lots of lovely crafting today!Z
Hugs, LLJ 7 xxx
glitterandglue said…
Your space looks wonderful, Annie. Good for you - all that tidying - but, oh my, 3am! Don't think I could have kept going that long - would have needed to stop sooner. Call it old age!!!
Hope you are having a great day achieving lots.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #23
shazsilverwolf said…
Hi Annie, it's amazing how much mess and time it takes to sort our rooms out. It's always a relief when it's done. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx
LisaDV said…
Your desk looks wonderful. But seriously, I would not have made it until 3:30. I can barely stay awake until midnight anymore. Hope you decided on what direction to go today for playing and are in the thick of it now. Blessings for a great WOYWW and terrific week! LisaDV #28
Chidkid said…
Oh my word! what a mammoth task! Well done on getting it done. Elaine No.40
Marit said…
Wowzah... that's quite a job to clean out your craft room! I was thinking of doing that soon but maybe I should think twice... ;) Enjoy playing and creating now, you deserved it! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland. Marit #26
Lizzy Hill said…
Oh MY GOSH! That is a mammoth effort and task..... GOOD ON YOU! At least with hubby gone you could just keep on keeping on 'til it was done! LOOOOVe how tidy it is. Good luck keeping it that way, giggles. Like THAT'S going to happen!!!!
Helen Wallace said…
My goodness, what a marathon effort. Your space looks spick and span. I have green eyes looking at all those shelf/drawer thingos. Keep telling myself, if I ever win the lottery, I shall the most super, duper arrangement of drawers ever seen. Seriously though, great job. I need to do it myself and really relate to the part about throwing it all out of the window!!