Catching up with Tim Holtz Tags

Hello Everyone,

I'm still playing catch-up with the Tim HoltzTags of 2016 - I did January, February, March and April, then skipped a few, did September's and promised myself I'd go back to the rest. Instead of tags, I'm making little pages to go in a gorgeous leather journal I was given for Christmas.

This morning I found myself with 40 minutes to spare before I had to set off for an appointment; just enough time for some speedy crafting I thought! Here's the result; my tag for June, only three months late ...

This year, Tim has been picking two techniques at random from previous years, and combining them to create something different. It really inspires me to dig out those supplies, rummage through my drawers and try something new. Usually I don't have all the stuff Tim uses, so I have to get a bit inventive with what I do have, but then that's half the fun isn't it?! Here's what I did ...

Tim showed us how to use a stencil as a stamp to print a pattern onto canvas with Distress Inks, creating a gorgeous faded plaid fabric effect for the bottom layer. His tag had a very masculine feel, but I thought I'd make my a bit more girly. I used a stencil with a grid pattern and just two colours of Distress (Rusty Hinge and Faded Denim), I loved how the stencil worked as a stamp and the way the Distress Inks blended together here and there.

Next, Tim stamped on tissue to create his own printed design, and applied it to some Ranger Substrate Sheet using a Distress matte medium with colour in it to give an aged effect. I didn't have that, so I used plain matte medium and went over it with Distress Inks in Old Paper and Rusty Hinge, which worked well and brought out all the wrinkled texture. I didn't have any Substrate Sheet either, but heavy watercolour paper worked fine.

This piece was then diecut to create little windows for the canvas layer to show through. Tim used the Dapper die, which is really cool and I may get it one day, but right now I don't have it, so I used two little heart dies to create my apertures.

Some real stitching like Tim did would have be wonderful, but it was WAY too much trouble to get my machine out, so I stamped some faux stitching instead. Then I added some bits and bobs to decorate my little tag/page and it was done! Only 40 minutes :o)

Ok, so just need to do May, July and August now, then there's October, November and December ... I really hope my little book is big enough!!

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
It's always fun, to make a cuppa and poke around on your blog Annie. Good on you for fitting in the tags here, there and when you can. 40 mins is pretty impressive. Note to self, "stop procrastinating and just use the odd moments before an appointment!!!" Love the vintage vibe, the different techniques and especially the sewing label. TFS
Val-Belle said…
I agree with Helen but I just don't seem to have as much time these days and if I don't spend time with my grandies they will be all grown and I will have lost out. Sometimes we have to make very tough choices in life.
40 mins to create that... no wonder I can't get anything done - I am such a procrastinator :D I haven't played along for ages... then I got tired of playing catch up and thought I would start at the very beginning of his tags - yes that's right the very beginning and just start making them all making a note on the back of all the techniques... that worked well for a while and has also fallen to the wayside :D we do what we can do.. I am loving playing.
Your tag is lovely and I love the fact that you adapted. I tend to get a bit freaked out if I don't have the stuff, and I didn't even know what substrate was :/ hehehehehehe and like Helen I have made a not to self :D <3
Lizzy Hill said…
Love your inventiveness....& the little peekaboo effect with the hearts..... I reckon this is GREAT! And you're almost caught up....almost :) Good on you!!!